Sunday, December 1, 2013

Thanksgiving Week

What a great Thanksgiving week! My parents were able to get in on Tuesday instead of Wednesday which worked out well for lots of reasons. First off, James was flying in Tuesday morning. We didn't tell Mom and Dad he was coming. Second, it allowed us to get tickets to the Carl Block art exhibit at BYU. So, on Tuesday I get James from the airport and we come back to our house. In the afternoon we headed over to the art museum at BYU to meet my parents. When we got there James waited outside and I went in with the kids. I told the parents that Caleb and Brynn had a surprise for them outside. They didn't seem to think anything of it. When we walked out James started walking toward us but Mom and Dad didn't notice him until he was right in front of them. The look on their faces was priceless. Mom cried and Dad looked amazed. It was a fun moment.
Wednesday the kids went to the park with Gram and Jenna. Then Pop and Uncle James took them to Arctic Circle for a milkshake and play place while Mom, Jenna and I went to see Catching Fire (it was just as good the second time).
For Thanksgiving Day the boys played football with the ward in the morning. In the early afternoon we went to Paul and Lynne's house for our Thanksgiving meal. The food was so good! Derrick took pictures:

Then we played games and hung out for the rest of the day.
Friday the parents saw some friends in Salt Lake City in the morning so the rest of us went to Hogle Zoo. Caleb's favorite part was the statues. He would look at the animals for one brief second before trying to get us to go on to the next thing. Brynn however, was fascinated with all the animals. She wanted to stop and look at them and watch them play or walk around. It was really sweet. When we were at the giraffes Brynn said, "He's looking at me. He likes me."

That night we saw the Christmas lights at Thanksgiving Point. A Santa and a polar bear light display each were waving. Brynn would say, "He's waving at me."
Saturday morning we went to the dinosaur museum. After Brynn's nap the parents took James to the airport. We then met them at the Clark Planetarium and saw the things they had there, which wasn't very much so we walked over to Barnes and Noble and let the kids play a little bit. Then we went to dinner at Chin Wah's. It was a yummy last dinner with family.
We then went home and Mom and Dad packed up and left. The kids had so much fun all week. They loved always having someone to play with and spoil them.

  • Caleb and I cleaned the whole house for a few days before family got here. One of Caleb's jobs was wiping the light switches, doors and walls (he likes this job because he can really see those things getting cleaner). Derrick saw Caleb after dinner spill some milk down the front of the dishwasher to which he said, "I just cleaned that up!" three times with a little fist action. Caleb then got a paper towel and cleaned it up. He's even seen places on the walls or doors that he's missed and clean those up too. It's neat to see him take pride in his work and want to make sure he did do a good job.

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