Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Eve

Christmas eve was so fun. In the morning we went to Dimpledell and swam. We think we will make it a tradition because hardly anyone was at the pool and the kids had a blast. Brynn kept saying the rest of the day that we should go back again to splash.
The afternoon was busy getting ready for family coming that night. Derrick took some time to play with Caleb in the snow. Derrick built an awesome fort!
That evening we had dinner at our house with Paul, Lynne, Rudy, Ruth, Scott, Julianne, Kent and Lisa. Santa (Rudy) came and the kids were surprised  for sure. Brynn was a little scared but she knows he's a good guy so even though she is scared you can tell she is trying not to be. Caleb was a little nervous but overall, excited.

After Santa left we played songs with bells. I played hymns on the piano and Lynne passed out bells for everyone to play. This has been a tradition in Derrick's family in the past and Lynne wanted to start it up again. I'm happy she did because it was really fun. We also played games.
Before the kids went to bed they left out cookies, milk and carrots for the reindeer. Santa forgot his bell at our house so we left it out as well.

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