Saturday, June 14, 2014

Soccer, Ducks, Cousins, Stories

Soccer season is now over. Caleb had a blast. He had great coaches and friends on his team. I meant to bring my camera to the last game and I couldn't find it. I got some video with my phone but it is terrible quality. I'm a little bummed.

Duck right after the game we went to Provo for some rubber duck races at BYU. It was fun to decorate the ducks and watch them go down the stream.

We've been going on a lot of runs/bike rides (I push the girls in stroller, Caleb bikes) then we stop at a park to play. Here's some pics I took while at the park one day:

Here's Talia and Evan around 2 1/2 months old:

Just as sweet as ever and getting bigger:

  • Caleb got some new underwear. The first day he wore them his friend came to the door to play. Caleb dropped his pants and said, "Hey Boden look at my new underwear!"
  • Brynn blurted out one day in the car, "Daddies don't do laundry. Mommies do laundry." When I asked her why, Caleb answered, "Because they go to work." I guess that's mostly true.
  • Talia woke up around 5:20 one morning and Caleb and Brynn woke up an hour later, when Talia was going back to sleep. I told them to watch something on the iPad while I slept. When I came down later Brynn said, "Look." She had taken out two shelves of stuff from our fridge and lined it up on the counter. Later that day she tore apart flip flops with her teeth, unrolled duct tape, unrolled whiteout (not fixable, I've tried), went into Talia's room and woke her up from a nap, poured lotion all over Caleb's head and threw the hose nozzle under the trampoline. That girl is just in a stage where she causes trouble the second I turn my back. I'm sure she's saying to herself, "Want to fold laundry Mom? I'll go do something I know I shouldn't, just because it's fun."