Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Month of May

Pearl, Julie and Luke visited for the month of May. The cousins loved seeing each other.
 This pic was so cute:
Brynn wanted in on that pic:
 We build lots of Legos
 Brynn and Talia at Caleb's soccer game:
 After Caleb's last game:
This happens pretty often:
 Brynn on her Daddy, Daughter date to the Dinosaur Museum
 Caleb on his Father, Son date to the rock climbing gym:
 Isn't she cute?
 We love our field this time of year...it's so green!

  • I've said before Brynn always tells me she wants to be a mom like me when she grows up. Recently I've notices she says it mostly when she's watching me put on my makeup and doing my hair. When I told Derrick about my observation, he said she just needs to wait until she's 14 to get what she actually wants :)
  • I heard Brynn whisper to Caleb, "Let's sneak and watch something." Caleb told her no (my obedient child). Then I told her we don't sneak things. She responded with, "Yes we do. I like to sneak things. I like chocolate chips, watching something, eating snacks." We have caught her doing all those things. The crazy one was when she got my phone from downstairs, took it upstairs and hid in the back of my closet behind some clothes to watch Netflix.
  • Caleb said to me, "I wish Talia would stay a baby until you and Daddy died then she would just turn 18." He's told me before how he thinks she's so cute and wants her to stay little but what he said was extra funny.
  • We were putting our life insurance bill in the mail. When Caleb asked what it was, I explained life insurance, using Daddy dying as the example. Caleb is always inquisitive and thinks about how things work. He then asked me, "How would they know Daddy died." What he said there wasn't funny but it shows how his mind works. I think most kids would have just thought it was cool when I explained that if Daddy died we would get a lot of money. Caleb's mind works differently.  
  • On a car ride Brynn started saying "words of wisdom." Or at least it sounded like she was imparting her knowledge to us. She said things like, "The whole world is different. Different ways have different paths," and "Some stores are closed and some are opened."

Monday, June 1, 2015


 The kids had an Easter egg hunt and Grandma and Grandpa's on Saturday.

On Sunday we just snapped a few pics before church. And of course the kids hunted for the eggs that the Easter bunny left.

Family Pics from April



 Because this was so long ago, I'll make this a short post. On April 7th Brynn turned 4. She had a Frozen birthday party. We had a scavenger hunt where I gave the girls clues and they had to find the Frozen characters hidden around the house. At each character was a prize for each girl. The cutest part was when I turned on the "Let it Go" video, gave each of the girls ribbon wands and let them sing and dance. Brynn loved dressing up as Elsa.

On April 11, Caleb turned 6. He was excited for his Ninjago (Lego Ninjas) birthday party. I had made origami throwing stars for the kids to decorate when they were done eating lunch. Then they threw the stars through hoops. We played Sensei Says (Simon Says). I made them balloon swords then then used those in spinjitzu training (put their heads on a bat to spin, then use their sword to knock over a cup on a chair). All the kids had fun and Caleb was happy to have a party for him. He felt special.