Saturday, July 30, 2011

Fun Days of Summer

Here is Brynn in one of the onsie dresses (and hairpiece) I made for her. She looks so cute in them and it makes me sooooooo happy!

I think little Miss Brynn is going to be a thumb sucker

This was a fun thing we did on a warm Friday afternoon. Lisa was babysitting a 6 year old boy who was doing this with Caleb. Caleb has so much fun with other kids and I'm sure he loved this even more because he was playing with someone.

Lastly, here is a fun little thing Caleb figured out. He has this frog toy that makes noise when it goes down a shoot. Caleb discovered if he blew in it and sucked in it, it made a cool noise:

Friday, July 22, 2011

Wheeler Farms

We took a trip to Wheeler Farms on Tuesday because it was overcast and not raining. Perfect weather for Utah summer! While there we fed the ducks, saw the animals, rode on a wagon ride (pulled by a tractor) and Caleb played on the many tractors they had. It was a blast and Caleb didn't want to leave at the end. Brynn slept most of the time in the baby carrier. Everything worked out so well!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Not so Kids Festival and Randoms

Today we were invited by Julianne (sister-in-law) to a kids festival in Salt Lake City. We got there and couldn't get a hold of her on her phone. She finally called us as we were leaving and we found out we weren't at the kids festival but at the farmer's market! Oh well, Caleb still had fun and we met Scott and Julie for lunch at a taco stand. Caleb did get a cat balloon and we shared some raspberries.

Because of the mix up Julie grabbed a few things at the festival before she left. Those things were from the Home Depot stand. She got an apron, boat kit and helicopter kit. Caleb and I made the boat today (he helped me hammer in the nails). Then he brought the boat into the bath with him. He loved it, thanks Julie!

Brynn is a good girl. She eats well, sleeps well and has not been sick yet. She smiles a lot and will giggle if you really get her going. She loves being held while walking around or put under a ceiling fan while it is on. Sometimes she enjoys the swing too:

Caleb has this new thing when he is driving the toy car he likes to wear these funky glasses. He almost looks like he is trying to be cool with them. He pulls it off well I'd say.

Other Randoms:
Caleb has a few favorite phrases:
"What that is?"
"I don't know." - He uses this in the correct context too.
"Love woo." - He always says this when Daddy is leaving for work and other times.

Caleb Stories:
-We were in the basement and Grandma started talking to Caleb through the vent. Caleb got a kick out of it. When we went to a different room he looks up at the vent in there and said, "Work?" He was asking why he didn't hear Grandma's voice through that one too.
-When he brought home the balloon cat from today we told him to show the kitty his balloon and he showed it to her with much intent.
-Caleb was going on an outing with Grandma. He goes up to Brynn who is lying on the floor, looks down at her and says, "Bye Brynn. Store." I loved that he recognized her and told her where he was going.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The 4th

Caleb had a lot of fun running around with all the "kids," or so he called Derrick's younger cousins. Caleb sure ate like it was a holiday: 1 piece of hot dog, some fruit then he kept going back to the dessert table and ate like 6-7 cookies. As we were leaving he could only remember one thing though:

Here's a short video of Brynn:

When we got home we did a few little fireworks since Caleb goes to bed before the sun goes down. This fireworks being legal in Utah is both cool and crazy in my opinion. I wouldn't be surprised if someone in the state blew off a hand yesterday. Anyways, here's Caleb with his sparkler:

Short Post

Caleb talks about Brynn's outfit: