Saturday, February 22, 2014

Ice Palace and Soccer

We were a bit crazy because on Monday we decided we wanted to go to the famous Midvale Ice Palace. I say crazy because it was President's Day, Family Home Evening night and the last day this place was open. Yeah, we waited in line for about an hour and forty minutes only to walk through the place shoulder to shoulder with everyone else. But we still had fun.
The kids were super excited before we left:

While in line Derrick walked to a gas station and bought the kids donuts. They loved that. There was also snow to play in and fire throwers to watch. So we still had fun.

The inside was really cool.

They had a slide that Caleb, Derrick and Brynn went on. Brynn sat on Derrick's lap and she kept saying how happy she was to sit on his lap. Derrick said the slide kind of hurt to go down but when the kids want to do something, you just do it. Right?

Our favorite part was the maze:

It was good family time and we were all exhausted by the time we got back to the car.

Today we bought Caleb cleats, shin guards and socks because I signed him up for city soccer in April. He was so excited to get them and try them out. I can't wait for him to do his first organized sport!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Valentine's Day and More

Caleb had a preschool Valentine Day where he decorated a bag, worked on the letter V, wore red and gave out valentines. At the same time as preschool a friend in the ward put together a Valentine party for the little kids, which was so nice for Brynn because she can be envious of the fun things Caleb does. We brought a paper covered shoe box to decorate--Brynn loved stamping the best. There was a cake walk and sugar cookie decorating. While we were walking in the church building Brynn said, "I'm so excited for our Valentine party." It makes me so happy to see the kids excited for things.
Derrick brought me flowers, I found a used grill for Derrick that he is so excited to use. The kids made Derrick a Valentine, Caleb made me one. There was just a lot of fun with Valentine's Day this year.
A funny story is that I asked Brynn if she would be my Valentine. She responded, "I'm not a Valentine." So I asked Caleb if he would be my Valentine. He agreed with Brynn by saying, "People can't be Valentines." It was fun to explain a Valentine can be more than a card.
On a non-Valentine notes:
Caleb has been loving jokes. He asks Derrick and I to tell him a joke every night. We are amazed at how many good jokes we can find online but Caleb hasn't learned the meaning of the punchline yet, even when it comes to concepts as simple as ducks. For example: what time do ducks wake up? At the quack of dawn. Yeah, a 4 year old has not heard the term "crack of dawn" yet. Makes it tricky but I've become pretty good at making jokes up to cater to his mind.
On a Caillou episode Caillou and his dad made a rocket ship and Caleb asked if we could do it. Derrick was so sweet and took time to make it with him. The kids have loved playing in it.
I also finished this dress for Brynn. It looks ten times cuter in person. I love it! Brynn was a great model.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Soldier's Hallow

Derrick's company did a trip to Soldiers Hallow again this year. Brynn was 2 months shy of being able to go on the big hill but she still had fun on the bunny hill with me. She smiled really big every time she went down. Caleb had a blast going on the big hill and being pulled up the hill.
We thought Brynn was so cute with her fuzzy hood.

After tubing we had a catered dinner in the lodge. The kids had so much fun and we all enjoyed spending time together.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Dinosaur Museum, Date, Baby and Potty Training

We went to the dinosaur museum this week and the kids love it there as much as they always do. There's just so much fun to be had!

Derrick and I went on a date to the Arnold Friberg exhibit on Friday night while Jenna watched the kids. It was amazing! We had an audio tour and the best part was definitely when he talked about his painting of George Washington praying at Valley Forge. There was audio of Friberg saying he always wanted his paintings authentic so he made a trek to Valley Forge in the dead of winter and sketched until he could no longer feel his fingers or click his camera. I especially loved Friberg's respect for our founding fathers and their commitment to God.
There was a whole section on his work on The Ten Commandments movie. He had paintings of many scenes and one where the children of Isreal were crossing the Red Sea was especially spectacular.
I also thought it was fascinating he was commissioned by Queen Elizabeth II to paint her portrait, a unique thing to happen to an American. Friberg was even given accommodations in Buckingham Palace.
After the exhibit we went to The Cheesecake Factory for dinner. It was so fun to have an awesome date downtown!

The kids are getting more excited about their sister. Brynn even hugged my belly today and told me she loved her sister. She has been saying everyday that she loves her sister and, "She wants to get out. She wants to see me." When you ask Brynn what she will do when she sees her sister Brynn says, "I'll give her a big hug and a kiss." Brynn hugs herself as she says it.
Caleb is excited too. The funny thing is that he talks about his future brother. He knows this one is a girl but he is certain that the next one will be a boy. He mentions how he will give his blankie to his brother and how the clothes he grows out of will be for his brother. For his sake I hope #4 is a boy.

Oh yeah and Brynn is now now potty trained! It took a long time and a lot of accidents but she is at the point where she always tells me when she needs to go! It feels so good to have the worst part over. She still needs help getting pants and underwear off, getting on the potty and wiping which does worry me with the baby coming but hopefully I can help her be a little more independent over the next 6 weeks.