Saturday, November 23, 2013

Prequel to Thanksgiving

 This week I took Brynn to story time at the library while Caleb was at pre-school. I wish I would have taken a video at one point the lady reading the books turned on a song about a turkey dance and Brynn was totally getting into it, flapping her arms, stomping her feet. It was adorable. At the end they made these cute turkey hats. She wore it into Walmart later that day, she loved it so much.

Monday night for family home evening we made turkeys out of Ding Dongs, toothpicks and gumdrops. The kids had a lot of fun with it.

  • Before her night time prayer I asked Brynn what she was thankful for. She responded with her blankie. I told her that was good, what else made her happy. She responded with, "My thumb," while she was sticking up the one she always sucks. 
  • Along with that story: Brynn held up her baby doll with it's blankie. Brynn told me, "She's sucking her thumb.
  • Caleb loves to weigh himself. He has been between 40 and 41 pounds for a long time. This morning he got on the scale and it read 42. When I told him the number he put his fist in the air and said, "Yeah!"

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Beautiful week ending with Snow!

Throughout the week the weather was awesome. We went out on walks in the morning and stopped at a park. After Brynn's nap we would take Brynn's baby on a walk and Caleb would ride his bike. It was a nice week!

Caleb always waits outside our bedroom door in the morning. This morning we could tell he was extra excited to come in. He told us with a big smile, "It's snowing!" He was excited to get out and play in it. He asked me if we could get dressed then he got on his socks, boots and coat on his own. Derrick got suited up, I got Brynn ready and they went outside.
The snow was perfect for making a snowman, Brynn enjoyed eating the snow...she ate a lot of it. Caleb loved throwing snowballs and they begged to get the sled out. We knew the sled wouldn't work but Derrick got it out and they had fun trying to sled down our hill.
 Caleb had so much fun with his Daddy!

Saturday, November 9, 2013

It's a Girl!!!

We had our ultrasound on Monday and found out baby #3 is a girl. The pictures turned out terrible so I'm not going to post that. The kids came with us and we were nervous to tell Caleb it was a girl because he wanted a brother really bad. On the way home I talked to him about it and found out he just thought it was silly we were having a girl. He told me, "It's supposed to be boy, girl, boy, girl." It made no sense to him that it could go a different way. I told him about all the families we know that have a boy, girl, girl. I also told him about families with all other varieties. He seems totally fine now about getting another sister.
This week we also took the truck in for an oil change at Ken Garff Ford. They take forever to do oil changes! We love everything else about them. Anyways, we brought it in on Friday and I was told the wait would be 1 hour 40 minutes. Luckily I brought Caleb's big wheel bike and the stroller. We went on a walk and had so much fun. We saw a man-made stream and threw rocks in. We walked by a business building being constructed and saw a bulldozer, excavator, fork lift, steam roller, grader, crane and some other fun vehicles. We found a tree that shed a ton of leaves and made a pile to jump in (Caleb had been wanting to do that for some time). We saw a huge American flag and bird nests. We found another stream and threw more rocks in. It was a perfect day with perfect weather.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween Week

It definitely was a week long event! Monday was family night and we made Halloween treats with oreo spiders and Frankenstein rice krispie treats. The kids had fun with that.
Tuesday Derrick's work had a party then we took Derrick to Cornbelly's with us. It was fun to share that with him too!
Wednesday was our ward Halloween party. The kids had fun playing all the games and of course the love being out of the house.
Thursday, Halloween, was great. Derrick took the kids out and I stayed home and handed out candy. Derrick said Brynn told everyone that she was "Tangled."
Caleb told me after I took this picture that he was making a pirate face. I love how he likes to play the part.

Kid #3 was my little speed bump. When Caleb saw my costume for the first time, he was way excited . He said, smiling really big, "You're a road!" He asked me what the sign said and I told him. He kept going up to me, pointing at the sign and reading it.