Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Thanksgiving morning the boys played football with the ward and the girls made the desserts for that night. We all enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving meal together. Despite the fact this was the first Thanksgiving meal Derrick and I ever did ourselves, it turned out perfect!

Caleb loved having people over to play with all the time.

Brynn was initially scared of everyone but by the end she warmed up to them. She is definitely a mommy's girl. Can you see Brynn's top teeth coming in?

We had fun playing games together and introducing Psych to my family.

We went to temple square and saw the breath-taking Christmas lights. No picture could ever do it justice.

And here's just a cute pic and video I took of Brynn on Sunday because she was so cute!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Heber Train

One thing we did this weekend while my family was here was the Heber train. Well, the boys went shooting, the girls and kids went on the Heber train. Santa made an appearance and Caleb was so excited to see him. Santa came on and got off at his own platform. He stood outside the train to wave goodbye to the kids when he left. Caleb sat looking out and him and saying, "Bye, bye Santa." It was very sweet. Oh, and he knew to ask Santa for a present. He asked for a dump truck (which my mom already bought him...so he will get what he wants!)

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Brynn and Another Snowman

Brynn just keeps growing. She is eating solid foods wonderfully, she loves to watch Caleb and she loves to be upside down. That's right, if you ever sit her on your lap and lay her back so far that she is upside down, she doesn't want to come back up, she fights it.

I think Caleb is going to ask for a snowman every time it snows. He has so far. Here is our second snowman, this time built by Derrick:

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Snowman and Little Drummer

We built our first snowman, or maybe I should say penguin because that is what it looks more like.

A few days before the snow stuck, it lightly snowed. Caleb was excited but then a little disappointed when he got outside.

Oh yes, and Brynn has decided to be a drummer.

Ok, so she needs some practice.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Mickey and Minnie Mouse

Boy did Caleb love Halloween. On Halloween day we had Caleb draw on his pumpkin. As I was putting it back out on the porch I told Caleb, "We'll put it here so the kids can see it." When the first trick-or-treaters were walking away Caleb asked me, "Kids see pumpkin?" I told him they did and they loved it. He was so proud of his pumpkin (the only thing I drew on the face was the tongue because Caleb asked me to). Can you see the eyes, nose, mouth and hair?

Derrick took Caleb trick-or-treating. After almost every house Caleb would ask politely, "Go get more candy?" He was so excited and held his bag open and ready the whole time.
Once, Caleb was behind a pack of kids who all got one piece of candy. Then when he got up there the lady told him he was so cute she would give him extra candy and she did.

Caleb showing off his costume:

We also had a church party with soup and trunk-or-treating. Caleb loved that too he mostly played on the grass with some other boys and then I took him around to get candy. He was so sweet. He says both trick-or-treat and thank you afterward.