Saturday, September 22, 2012

Smart children

Brynn is so happy. I love this video I took of her just when I'm playing with her. She loves to laugh and Caleb loves to copy her when she is laughing, he thinks it is funny to imitate her.

She also is talking a lot these days. She picks up on everything we say and I will hear her say phrases I didn't know she learned yet all the time. We have lots of flies around our house now so "Shoo fly," is a popular one. I got her to say it on video:

Caleb a boy who wants to know how things work and why things are the way they are. This week we had the carpet cleaners over and he asked me what kind of vacuum they used. I told him I didn't know and he begged me to ask them. So right before they left we asked them and they explained how their cleaning equipment worked to Caleb.
This morning I was telling Derrick about an article I saw posted on Facebook about an off duty police officer who died in a motorcycle accident who had two young kids about our kids ages. Caleb asked what I was talking about. I told him a man died when he was riding a motorcycle. Caleb asked about dozen more questions. Here is about how the conversation went:
Caleb: How did he die?
Me: A construction truck pulled out on the freeway and the man on the motorcycle crashed into it.
Caleb: Where did it happen?
Me: On the road.
Caleb: Was he going too fast?
Me: Yes, they were going very fast.
Caleb: Construction vehicles need to go slow.
Me: Yes they do.
Caleb: Who was the guy?
Me: He was a police officer.
Caleb: Was he on a police motorcycle?
Me: No, he was going home after work.
Caleb: And he was killed?
Me: Yes, he went home to Heavenly Father. Did you know you lived with Heavenly Father before you were born? He went back to Heavenly Father but he will be resurrected someday. Who died so we can live again?
Caleb: Jesus.
Me: Yes, do you remember how Jesus died?
Caleb: On the cross.
Me: Yes, on the cross. And then he came alive again and we will come alive again too after we die.
Caleb: Did Jesus get his tools to fix the man?
Me: Jesus is going to use his priesthood to fix the man. The man will live again and be happy.

I loved this teaching/review opportunity. Caleb remembered the lessons we taught him at family home evening and he got to put it in perspective. I am so happy that his faith is growing so early in life.  I know his knowledge of the scriptures will help him throughout his whole life.
Here is a picture Caleb took of himself:

Johnny Appleseed

 At preschool this week Caleb learned about Johnny Appleseed. He came home with a "pot" for a hat. He said they planted appleseeds and watched a short video about Appleseed. Brynn liked the hat:

Though it was a little big:

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Caleb has been loving preschool. When I drop him off he forgets I exist the second he gets out of the car. He has been practicing tracing shapes and this week he started working on the letter A. I wouldn't have thought to teach a 3 year old how to write letters but he is doing pretty well. I totally under estimated the ability of a 3 year old.
Last week was my turn to pick up the 4 boys. For lunch they started doing going nuts. I had to get a video. I love Brynn at the end...hitting her head:
Brynn has funny quirks. Like when she is hungry she goes to the trash to find food. It's easy to know when she needs to be fed :) The sad thing is when I'm making her breakfast and she just can't wait...she gets a little impatient. Example: Last week she saw cookies on the counter and cried out for them saying, "I cookie, cookie, cookie, me." No Brynn, breakfast first not trash, not cookies. Haha.

Friday, September 7, 2012


Here is a pic from Caleb's first day of pre-school. It was when he got home and at first he refused to take a picture. Then I said if he let me take a picture I'd give him a brownie. That worked.
All I really know about how is first day went is that he colored some pictures and made a crown. Caleb didn't tell me too much and I didn't pick him up at the end of the day since my neighbors and I are switching off. He also came home with some bubbles he was excited about.
Here is a skirt, shirt and headband I made for Brynn. She smiled perfectly! It will be interesting being at home with just this cute little one while Caleb goes to preschool.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Pretty and Prayers

Brynn says this a lot so I had to get it on camera. If you ask her, "Brynn are you pretty?" She will respond, "I pwee pwee." It is too adorable.
On Saturday night Derrick and I went to the Piano Guys concert--which was awesome even though it was an outside concert and raining for 3/4 of it. We got some baby sitters (twin sisters) and when we got home they told us when they lay him down to bed he started bawling. He was folding his arms and saying something to them. When they finally understood he wanted to pray. So cute he is adamant about his prayers.