Saturday, December 21, 2013

Christmas Fun!

Two weeks ago we bought Stockings and each day throughout the week I decorated one. Caleb picked baby Jesus for his stocking and Brynn picked reindeer. Derrick's is the Santa and mine is the angel. Caleb was so excited about them. The day we first hung them all up he had Derrick close his eyes when he came home from work and open them to see the stockings.
Sunday was crazy. After church we were backing out of our parking spot and Derrick noticed the truck right behind us was coming out at the same time. Derrick stopped and beeped the horn but they kept coming and hit us. The tailgate and bumper were both damaged. We dealt with that for a half hour before Derrick ran off to home teaching. He was out for about an hour and as soon as he came back I ran off to choir. While at choir a friend came in and told me Caleb got hurt and Derrick was on his way to the ER with Caleb. I left choir and went home with Brynn (a neighbor stayed at our house until I got home). I later found out Caleb was putting his jacket away when he slipped on the tile floor and just landed on his chin wrong. He held a towel on his chin while crying on the way to the ER. When they got there Caleb got some gauze with anesthetic on it and he calmed down. While waiting, Derrick turned Despicable Me 2 on his phone and Caleb said, "This isn't a Sunday movie." Derrick told him it was ok if you were really hurt to help you feel better. After waiting about 3 hours Caleb finally got stitches. Derrick said Caleb was really brave. When they were giving him a shot he stayed stone still but little tears were leaking out of his eyes. Caleb came home and seemed totally normal.
Monday we took the kids to see Santa at the outlet mall near our house. The kids were both timid but not scared. Caleb stayed a step away from Santa and I kept bringing him closer to talk. Brynn hid her face in Derrick's arm at first but eventually kept her head up to talk to him. He asked the kids what they wanted for Christmas. Caleb brought a paper with pictures of toys he wanted from the Toys-R-Us booklet. Santa told Caleb to put it in his mailbox outside and he'd remember to get Caleb what he wanted. Brynn said she wanted candy for Christmas. At the end he gave them an activity pad with coloring pages and games. Afterward Brynn kept saying, " I like Santa. He's a good guy. We should see him again sometime." Because you had to pay for pics with Santa we just took a picture outside his house in front of this awesome tree.

Thursday was Caleb's preschool Christmas performance. He did a great job on his part and singing. The night before I told him Grandma was coming but Grandpa had to work. When we showed up Lisa was there, which made them excited. Lynne told me she was running late so the performance started and half way through Paul and Lynne walked in. Caleb saw them and said loudly, so the whole room heard, "Grandpa's here!" It was cute.

 After the program we went to Grandma and Grandpa's house where the kids watched Christmas movies, decorated gingerbread men, played in the snow and had fun with family. We had dinner together that night with Derrick joining us after work.

  • Derrick was telling Caleb he thinks about the kids at work and he loves to look at the pictures on his desk of them. I told Caleb that it was so nice of him to give those pictures to Daddy for Father's Day because it makes Daddy happy. Caleb asked, "When will it be Son's Day?" It took me a minute to realize what he was saying. I thought Sunday before I realized he said Son's Day. We had to explain there was no Son's Day, we celebrate birthdays instead.
  • When I told Caleb about Grandpa not coming to his Christmas performance because he had to work Caleb responded, "Grandpa has to work everyday until he dies!" We then explained about retirement.

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