Saturday, December 6, 2014

Times are Good

 Talia is crawling all over now. She usually likes to crawl to where I am.
 I was so glad we got this picture on Thanksgiving day. Brothers with their babies. As a side note we went to Warren and Amy's house for dinner. Caleb and Brynn love their house because they have tons of awesome toys. Then we went to Charlie and Diane's house for dessert. One of the teenage girls there painted Brynn's fingernails. We had fun talking to extended family and friends who joined us.
 We had our first snowfall and it was barely enough snow for a snowman but they did it! It's funny to think we even had snow because today it was 55 degrees. On December 6th! Crazy!
 Here's our baby in all her cuteness:

  • When we asked the kids what we should get Gram and Pop for Christmas Caleb said, "We should get them a vacuum because I've never seen a vacuum at their house before." Brynn said we should get Kami (the cat) a ball to play with.
  • Kids were whining about only watching a "short" show, so Derrick said, "I'm short!" Brynn retorted, "No, you're fat." I should add she corrected herself saying he was tall.
  • We have 4 family rules: Do it the first time, pick up toys, tell Mom where you're going and be happy. Caleb told me, "I want to keep the commandments but not our rules." 
  • Derrick mentioned a hospital and Brynn said, "I don't like hospitals. They poke you in the bum and it really hurts." (from when she was sick a few weeks ago. 
  • Caleb has been into Ninjago books (Lego Ninjas). The other day he said, "Are China men the best fighters?" He really wanted a sincere answer but we just told him they are one of the best.
  • We were waiting at a meter to get onto the freeway. Caleb said, "I hate meteors."
  • Brynn has to memorize letters for preschool. I wrote them on paper and taped them up around the house. On the W paper Caleb wrote the symbol above the W. He then asked Derrick, "What does that mean?" We couldn't believe he had seen the Volks Wagon symbol and remembered it without knowing what it meant.