Sunday, March 31, 2013

A Story I didn't know until today

I had to add one more story because it is rather funny. We went to the park one day this week and actually saw three families we knew. One of the moms that was there that day came up to me at church and said, "I have a confession to make. My son laid one on your daughter the other day at the park."
There was one point where I was pushing Caleb in the swing and Brynn was off doing her own thing, it must have happened then. The mom said, "She was sitting down and my son went up to her and kissed her on the lips. I thought he was going to talk her her. She looked a little startled." The funny thing too is that this family usually sits behind us in church and today that little boy gave Brynn a smile and wave when he saw her. The mom said he usually isn't like that. Haha! It's too cute!

Saturday, March 30, 2013


Not the best picture of Caleb but it is the best I got. Brynn looks cute though! We had an Easter egg hunt at Grandma and Grandpa's house. They loved the candy.

 Here's the videos I took from the hunt:

Show and Tell

Caleb had his turn for show and tell this week in pre school. Here is what he brought:

Story of the week: I gave blood on Thursday. When I got home Caleb saw my sticker and asked excitedly where I got it. I told him how they took my blood out, put it in a bag, then they will use on people who are really hurt and need blood. Almost teary eyed he asked, "How will you get it back?" I explained that our bodies are amazing and they make the blood again. By the look on his face I could tell he was satisfied with the answer.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Sickness and Cuteness

Caleb was sick on Monday and Tuesday. He had uncontrollable diarrhea and would go at anytime. He had no idea what was going on with his body and would ask me after he went with serious and scared concern, "What was that?" It was sad to see him not know what was happening with his body. He also threw up his breakfast once and had a little fever. Luckily Brynn didn't get it.
Here's Brynn singing I Am a Child of God:
Caleb was playing with the scrabble board. Derrick asked Caleb if he could help him and Caleb said, "Why?" I guess Caleb is becoming more independent.

Here's another cute picture I found of Brynn from a few weeks ago that I never posted:
  • Caleb saw a picture of a fork lift and said, "Those live at Home Depot."
  • Caleb hasn't been liking my smoothies as of late. You know, the smoothies with the spinach and flax seed. He used to like it and now he avoids them like the plague. Brynn loves them and she wanted one tonight so I told Caleb I wouldn't put anything yucky in it. All I did was fruit, yogurt, milk and OJ. He still didn't want to try it but I eventually got him to do it. He loved it of course. Derrick came in the room and Caleb said, "Mommy didn't put any spinach in the smoothies. She just put in the good stuff." His facial expressions are what made the comment extra funny. He scrunched up his nose when he talked about the spinach and looked happy when talking about the good stuff.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


I realized I never put this picture on here. This was from about a month ago but we got to meet Annette, Jared and Ellie for dinner. That was the first time I saw Elllie! She was cute and we all had fun together!
 Two Saturdays ago two of Derrick's college roommates came over. We had dinner and they gamed. It was fun to have them over. Sorry the picture is soooooo blurry!
The kids were flying airplanes around together, it was pretty cute:

  • Caleb and Brynn had to come with me to choir practice after church for a few minutes while Derrick did a temple recommend interview. I grabbed a hymn book from under the chair, Caleb saw me, looked interested that there were hymn books under the seats and asked if he could get one. I told him yes and he grabbed the one under his chair. Derrick said when he came and got the kids Caleb told him he wanted a book holder under his seat in the truck.
  • This morning I was snuggling with the kids in Caleb's bed. I told them both that I loved them. About a minute later Brynn patted Caleb and said, "I love Caleb." She patted me and said, "I love Mommy." She patted herself and said, "I love me." It was so cute!
  • Yesterday I asked Brynn what she wanted for dinner. Her response, "Milk." She would live off of milk if I let her.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Around Here

My camera is terrible but despite the blurriness, I thought this was such a cute picture of Brynn. I can't believe how big she looks! Isn't this a cute dress I made too?

I've been quite busy. Last week I went to the dental convention on Thursday and Friday, Lynne and Paul watched the kids. They took them to a place called Jump On It with bouncy houses and slides. Kids loved it. Derrick and I were able to go on a double date with Derrick's cousin Randy and his wife Marissa on Saturday (out to eat).
Caleb and I keep doing reading lessons. He is getting really good! He knows a few words by sight now, like is and cat. But the more important thing is that he is getting really good at sounding out words and hearing the word. He can get frustrated sometimes but I keep it positive and let him know he can get a treat when he is done and watch Rescue Bots.
Speaking of Rescue Bots, it is his favorite show and he always wants to play it. For example: he will flip a car over and pretend he is a rescue bot saving it. He comes up with all kinds of trouble and I or Derrick always have to go rescuing with him.
I got this video after Brynn woke up from a nap. The first thing we heard her say in the baby monitor was, "Come, brah brah, come" (asking for brother). He is usually the first one to go into Brynn's room in the morning and he will play with her, talk to her and get her toys. It is kind of cute. I tried to stay out of view for a little bit to get more of what they would say to each other. I didn't get too much but it is still cute:

Stories over the past 2 weeks:
  • Brynn and I were walking around Hobby Lobby. Brynn sees some beads and says, "I love beads so much."She's becoming more of a girly girl every day. And the past 3 days she has wanted to wear like 6 necklaces all at once.
  • We've been watching Brave a lot. Brynn will say things like, "Brave is sad," because she thinks Merida's name is Brave.
  • Derrick's mom was going to borrow our Yonana. We have been using it a lot lately and Caleb loves adding in the ingredients. He asked why daddy was taking it and I told him: so Grandma can borrow it. Caleb got a really worried look on his face and asked, "Will Grandma give it back?" He got a little attached :)

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Dinosaur Museum

We go to the Dinosaur Museum a lot so I don't usually think about bringing the camera, but I did today and here's what I got, nothing great but better than nothing!