Thursday, March 26, 2015

Talk, Daddy Love, School Contests and Cuteness

Brynn gave her first talk in primary. She did a great job. She spoke very clearly and wasn't scared at all. She talked about how listening to the prophet keeps us safe. When I listed a few prophets from the scriptures, she picked Noah to talk about.
Talia gives us the best hugs. She put her head down into our shoulder and pats us. The first video she was too distracted to do it. But on the second one here I got it!

I made these two dresses. I just love chevron print so it was fun to have a matching Sunday
Because Caleb won the reading contest for all of kindergarten, he got a free small pizza from Papa Johns. It was just enough to feed us all dinner!
Then Caleb had a geography bee in school. They gave each child a blank map of the state of Utah and the kids had to fill it in. Caleb's was the most detailed and he got 1st place in his class. He received a $5 Walmart gift card, a Twix (which without hesitation gave Brynn one of the sticks), a (plastic) metal and a $5 coupon for a fun center. He worked really hard and we are so proud of him!
Caleb made a North American Eagle jet car out of Legos with Derrick. It looks so close to the actual thing. I was impressed.
Brynn made this little car out of a shoebox in preschool. She has loved using it with her Barbies. Who needs fancy and expensive Barbie accessories?
I took Brynn to see Cinderella. It was so fun. On the way to the theater I told Brynn, "We're having a girls night out!" She responded, "Yeah, and boys stay home!" I wish they made more movies like Cinderella so I could go out with Brynn again. She was so sweet and even had her little enjoying yet embarrassed face when Cinderella and the prince met for the first time.
  Here's just a little more cuteness:
  • When Caleb gets out of the truck for school in the morning, he waves at me through the front passenger window. Brynn always gets upset that he doesn't wave at her. I kept forgetting to tell Caleb until recently. The next day, after me telling him, he waved to Brynn and then to me. He is such a sweet brother.
  • Talia has sweet hand signs and sounds. When she wants food she turns her palms up and says, "Mmm. Mmm" in a high pitch. Once Derrick gave her a girl scout cookie. I took Talia then she gave me that sign and sound and pointed to the pantry. I opened the pantry door and she pointed right to the Girl Scout cookie box. I got her near it and she grabbed the box. Smart thing.
  • At church during sacrament meeting the woman behind us waved at Talia. Talia immediately waved back. That happened about 3 times. I love when babies are sweet with adults and put a smile on the adult's face.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Talia's Birthday

Here's a picture from her actual birthday.

On Sunday we had family over for her birthday dinner and cake:

After dinner Grandpa started reading Talia our ABC books. She sat there for a long time reading with him. It was very sweet.