Monday, April 29, 2013

Gram and Pop Visit!

Gram and Pop drove in on Wednesday and the kids were so happy to see them. Caleb had a count down calendar until they arrived and was so happy the day was finally here.
Thursday we went to the park and then the tulip festival after Brynn's nap. The weather was perfect and the tulips were gorgeous!

At the gardens we saw a snake!
We also bought food to feed the fish:

That night we went to BYU men's volleyball game. They lost the first two and won the final three to come out winners!
On Friday was Jenna's graduation. That night we had pizza for dinner then went up American Fork Canyon and hung out by the stream. Brynn loved throwing rocks in the water:
Saturday we went to the park. Pop helped us fix our sprinklers. After Brynn's nap we went to Provo where we fed the ducks at a pond, went out to dinner at Olive Garden and went to another BYU men's volleyball game. They won it in three and that made them MPSF Champions!
Here's a pic from the duck pond:
Gram, Pop and Jenna went home right after the volleyball game. We can't wait until they come again. And thanks Gram for taking all the pictures!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Derrick's the Man

This is a blurb that was sent out in Derrick's weekly company update. I loved how they appreciate Derrick and all his hard work because he really does so much! I definitely want to remember this:

As many of you know, Derrick joined us from Domo in mid-December.  He immediately took over and has been running our engineering recruiting efforts, and has done a truly fantastic job of taking this ball and running with it -- in particular deepening and broadening our recruiting efforts at BYU, leading our effort to build recruiting relationships at the U, and also just keeping our other recruiting channels well organized and running efficiently (i.e. promptly reviewing candidates and getting back to them quickly).  Though this job is largely unseen, it is safe to say that our recruiting efforts are far more organized and better run than they have ever been previously.  In addition, Derrick quickly took over a new team in Jan/Feb when we made the decision to split into three scrum teams, and has been doing a great job there.  And finally I think you will all agree that no one has worked harder or taken ownership more than Derrick to ensure that we are making progress and staying on schedule in our product and engineering efforts -- from researching different ideas for quarterly planning, to business development ideas, to the long hours and weekends spent recently on the user service.
So I'm really happy to announce today that Derrick has been promoted to Director of Engineering.  Derrick will continue to lead one team in our new eng structure (more below).  A big thanks again to Derrick for all his hard work and this well deserved promotion!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

More Birthday Stuff

Both kids had doctors appointments this week. Brynn was on Monday. I threw away her papers before I wrote down her numbers but for height she was in about the 17th percentile. I do remember he weight was 24 pounds and she was in the 70's for percentile. She doesn't look that short and chubby to me. She is perfect!
Caleb had his appointment on Thursday. He was 38 pounds (68%) and 41.5 inches (77%). The day before his birthday he got a birthday hat and a little toy snake. He came home very happy that day.
 On his birthday we gave him a bike. Last week he saw a bike at Walmart with a pouch on the front and told us his bike had to have a pouch. We had already picked out a bike for Caleb and it didn't have a pouch so we ordered one online and put it on the bike. It was a good thing we did that too because that was one of the first things he pointed out. He told me, "It has a pouch and I wanted one!" It was kind of a bummer because it rained all morning and he couldn't take it outside but the early afternoon cleared up and he got to ride it. On Friday we took him to the park and started teaching him without the training wheels. He gets nervous but we can tell he is getting the hang of it.

Monday, April 8, 2013


So, we celebrated both Caleb and Brynn's birthdays on Sunday. We had cake and presents for both kids though we are holding out on a new bike we got for Caleb until his birthday on Thursday. 

Morning wake up:


Caleb got a scooter from Grandma and Grandpa. The first time he got on it outside he could totally put both feet up and balanced while riding. It was amazing! I can't wait to see how he does on Thursday without training wheels on a bike.

Birthday song!

Brynn looked so cute at dinner I just had to take a video. I sure love this little girl:
For Brynn's birthday I just want to say all the things I love about her. I love her cute little curls, even when her hair is absolutely crazy in the back. I love her blue eyes and her smile. I love her funny faces, she has a lot of them. I love her girliness with beads, pony tails and remarks of how her clothes are "pretty", yet I love that she has a little tom-boy in her too.One of her favorite things to play with is balls. She even likes dirt and will play in it forever. I also love that she is so good at sharing when you ask nicely, like she wants to make you happy. I love that she tells me she loves me without me asking her to. I love when you are holding her and she gives you a hug around the neck out of no where. I just love her!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

No Pics this Week...Sorry!

  • Brynn found a washer in the street. She put it on her finger and while smiling said, "It's a ring Mommy, a ring." She loves her bling!
  • This is a sweet one. We went to a birthday party at a park. While sitting down to eat dinner there Brynn put her arm around me and said, "I like sitting by you Mommy." Melt my heart!
  • While in the car we were listening to the song, "Nephi's Courage." Brynn was trying as hard as she could to sing and her words were always behind the song. At the end she said, "I was singing Mommy!"