Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Caleb is Amazing!

I had to write this story down because it is the most impressive thing I have ever seen happen with Caleb:
James and Jenna came over for dinner on Sunday night. In the middle of dinner, with no prompting, Caleb looks at Jenna and asks, "How your test go last week?" Jenna looked confused like, did he really ask me that? She answered that it went well. Then Caleb asked, "What you learn?" I think my jaw dropped at that point. Jenna responded with something, I can't even remember any more but I did tell Jenna to tell Caleb about how she reads books. So, Jenna told him she reads a lot of books and she is learning how to write books. Caleb looked at her the whole time she was talking.
A few minutes later Caleb goes and grabs one of his favorite library books right now and takes it to Jenna telling her, "This about a helicopter that rescue a pony." It was like he thought she would be interested in it because he understood that she likes books.
Isn't that what we would do? If someone told us in a conversation that they liked reading, we would ask if they read one of our favorite books. I feel like some adults haven't even learned this yet: the concept of showing interest in someone else. This is something that Derrick's family is so good at and I'm trying to be better at. Caleb is an amazing little boy!
On another note, Brynn can crawl up steps now. We just went and bought a fence last night to block the stairs. When Brynn saw it this morning she cried, but it's for her own good.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

A Few Things

Above, Caleb made a road with Rumicube tiles and a parking lot at the end (by the time I took the picture Brynn had gotten to it--it used to look better). The holder for the tiles Caleb said was the bleachers. We didn't even know he knew what bleachers were. You can even see he set his construction worker in the stands. He is so creative!
Before I took the following video Brynn was growling, I didn't get much of it, you will just hear one small one. It was pretty funny though.

  • I made a fort with Caleb with blankets on the side of our bed. Later, when I was gone, he asked Derrick to make a fort. Derrick wasn't doing it the way I did and Caleb was frustrated by this. He told Derrick, "That's not pretty good."
  • This one is a sadder story: This morning Caleb woke up crying. I ran in and after he calmed down a little he told me there were bees in his room. He was a little confused when he looked around and didn't see any. He told me they must have flown outside through a "little hole." I'm sure he was dreaming. This was the first time he has ever told me about a dream, though I think to him it was real.

Discovery Museum

I am not doing so well with updating the blog, sorry! These pics and videos are from 2 weekends ago when Derrick, Paul and Lynne went to the Discovery Museum with the kids for an arthritis fundraiser Julieanne is helping with.
I heard they had a great time. Brynn even enjoyed it so much that it didn't seem to phase her that she skipped her morning nap. Doesn't she look like she's having fun:

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Week review

Brynn being my model for my new headband flower:

Here's a pic from the aquarium two weekends ago I forgot to post:

This week the playing between Brynn and Caleb has continued to progress. Caleb can really get Brynn to laugh by playing peekabo. He continues to crawl with her and she loves it. They also "talk" back and forth, especially at meal time. Caleb loves to imitate her noises. Some of Brynn's noises these days are: "ehssss" (just like the letter S), "Yeah, yeah, yeah." The latter is so funny because she will say it after I ask a question. I will even egg her on by asking her if she wants something and I will say, "Yeah, yeah?" She will then repeat the words.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

So much this last week!

Here's the skirt I made for Brynn's 1 year pictures. I can't believe that's just a month away!

We found out this week that Brynn is old enough to steady herself on the scooter. She loved it. Caleb even enjoyed pushing her around.

And...Brynn is now crawling, no scooting. Just started about 4 days ago. It is so cute to see her explore and it is even more cute to see Caleb wanting to crawl around with her. If I pick her up, Caleb will tell me to put her down so he can crawl with her. They like to weave around the dining room table and chairs especially.
  • Another thing about crawling, is that Caleb knows Brynn can't have small things. If he sees her get something small, he finds joy in ripping it out of her hands and saying, "No, Brynn!" It's good to have another lookout but it sure startles Brynn. Once this week Caleb put something small in front of Brynn and as she went for it he pulled it away, "No, Brynn!" He did that about 3 more times after that before we stopped him.
  • Last Sunday at church during sacrament meeting, Caleb did something he knew he shouldn't and we asked if he wanted a time out. He looked at us and said, "Time out in nursery?" Tricky boy! He loves nursery and he thought he just might be able to let us take him there early. Sorry Caleb you have to wait until after sacrament meeting!
  • Speaking of nursery, Caleb came home today and sang us the whole song of Book of Mormon Stories. He even said, "I will sing Book of Mormon Stories." He did all the actions and everything. That is the first song we've ever heard him sing all the way through on his own! He truly is turning from a toddler to a little boy.
  • Scottie from next door came over and Caleb brought out his bean bag chair. He jumped from the couch to the chair then told Scottie to do it. Scottie would say, "Ok," do it, then go back to playing. Caleb would jump, then ask Scottie to jump. They took turns for a while. It was really cute. Caleb even told me at one point, "We taking turns Mommy."
  • Caleb knows, for the most part, what is right a wrong. This is one quality I am so happy he has. When he knows he is making a wrong choice he hesitates to think about whether he wants to do it or not. Some kids just do it without caring, that is not Caleb. Also, he doesn't mind time outs (which are hands on the wall for 20 seconds) but at the same time he doesn't want them because it shows he's done something wrong. I love this about Caleb.
  • Brynn does not like strangers anymore. She was good up until about 2 months ago. This week she started a thing where, if I'm holding her and a stranger gets too close to her, or starts to talk to her she nestles her head into my (or Derrick's, or Grandma's) shoulder and then pats her hands around me. It's like she's saying, "I'm quite comfortable here. Don't give me to that person."