Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Day!

I have to start by saying I was just as excited getting everything ready Christmas eve night as I was going to bed as a child waiting for the next morning. I loved creating the magic of Christmas. This was the first Christmas morning we did at our house and it was so fun!
Christmas morning we got up and Derrick went down stairs to get my present first (a new camera). It didn't have a memory card so I only got 2 ten second videos and two pictures but I was really happy because I have wanted a new camera for well over a year. While we were still upstairs Brynn kept saying, "Let's see if Santa got his bell." (Since he left it there the night before--see previous post)
We saw Santa did take his bell, the carrots, cookies and milk (Here's where the video gets cut off because of the lack of memory).
The kids were patient to open their presents until after I took a picture. We got this tree for free from one of Derrick's co-workers because the lights were broken. I took off all the lights (it took about 2 hours) and now we have a great tree. I totally made Christmas seem more real.
We got lots of fun presents. Brynn's favorites were her Rapunzel, Flynn and Cinderella dolls, nail polish and Frozen book. Caleb loved his jet airplane from the movie Planes and Legos. The biggest present Santa got the kids was an air hockey table. I was most excited about them getting this one.
Then we went to Paul and Lynne's house. We ate brunch, opened presents, went to the church to play basketball, had lasagna for dinner, played games and just hung out. It was a lot of fun.
Everyone had a great Christmas!

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