Saturday, December 7, 2013

Snowed in but having Fun!

After a warm Thanksgiving week we had a freezing week of snow. We still found ways to have fun.
On Monday I had a doctor appointment (the one with a glucose test). Because this appointment would take a little longer than normal I told the kids if they were good we would stop at Deseret Industries on the way home and they could each pick out a toy. Well, they did great so we stopped by DI. Caleb picked out a four wheeler and Brynn found a pony. She had been playing with ponies at Grandma and Grandpa's house a lot and when she saw the pony she was so excited (it had a few markings on it and the hair was kind of ratted but she didn't care). She has spent much time in the tub giving her pony a bath in a 13x9 pan. Her pony is very clean. Brynn says all the time, "I love my pony." Here's what her fun looks like:
 On Friday we went to see Frozen. When I told the kids the day before we were going to the movie theaters they were so excited. At the movie theater they found these cutouts and they asked me to take their picture.

  • Caleb asked me this week if the baby in my tummy could hear things. I told him they can hear their mom's talking and if someone gets close to the mommy's tummy the baby can hear it. He went right next to my tummy and said hi to the baby. The next morning he did it again saying, "I'm glad you're a girl. You'll be my sister." It was so cute.
  • I made stockings this week for the family and Caleb would get so excited every time I finished one. On Friday the stocking holders came in the mail so we hung up all four stockings. When Derrick got home from work Caleb said, "Close your eyes Daddy." He told Derrick to open them to see the stockings. Like I said, Caleb was excited.
  • On Friday night we helped clean the church building. I really like when we do this because it teaches the kids the importance of Heavenly Father's house. First Brynn and I gathered the trash from every room and put in new trash bags. Brynn would push the big trash can all over the church, following me. Then Caleb, Brynn and I each got a feather duster and we dusted the baseboards and picture frames. The kids loved doing that too. It makes me happy to see them finding joy in service.
  • The night before we went to see Frozen Derrick told Caleb he should tell Daddy about the movie when he got home from work. Caleb said told Derrick, "I will. And if I can't remember something, Mommy can tell you." I thought it was funny he knew he doesn't always remember things like that.
  • I put together a little flower for a headband for Brynn. Caleb picked it up and asked how it worked. I told him you had to stick a headband through the loop. Next thing I knew Caleb said, "Mommy look!" Caleb had gone upstairs to get Brynn's headband, he put the flower on it and then put the headband on Brynn.

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