Tuesday, December 27, 2011


For Christmas we stayed overnight at Derrick's parent's house for a few days. One night was a family gathering and Lynne arranged for Santa to show up. Caleb got some Christmas Peeps from Santa. We also had a white elephant gift exchange.

Caleb had fun playing with Ron and Lauren's kids. Here he is making a tunnel for the train Peter is pulling:

Christmas morning Caleb sure loved his presents. He was literally shaking as he was opening them. We think he really had too much stimulation, he even had a breakdown about a half hour after starting to open presents. It was sad but once he had some breakfast he was a lot better.

We ate sausage, eggs, french toast and smoothies for breakfast. Here's Caleb with his smoothie mustache:

When we got back home we did this over and over again:

Luckily it wasn't too cold. We had a great Christmas and loved spending time with family.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Matching Skirts

I found out how to make this skirt on pinterest and since I had a little extra fabric I made one for Brynn too. I think it looks cuter on her than on me so that is why I pictured her first. I think when Brynn grows out of that one I'll have to make another because it's just too darn adorable!

Where it come from?

It has started. The "where it come from?" questions. So far here is what Caleb has asked about:
1. Where finger nails come from
2. Where mail comes from
3. This is the one that has been hardest to answer: "Where messy come from?" Caleb will ask us almost everyday why we shower. We try to tell him you just get dirty from walking around everyday but he doesn't get it and we don't expect him to because we can't even explain that very well.
Before we know it the question will be where babies come from. Not looking forward to that one.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Vacation and Sickness

Our San Diego vacation had it's pros and cons. Here's the story:
Friday afternoon we get into the Long Beach airport. We spend the night in Huntington Beach with my grandparents. I got to visit with my favorite cousin from the moment she was born, Jodie. I loved hearing more about her wedding plans and just talking to her! My grandparents loved Brynn. It was their first time meeting her. She would just sit in their laps so comfortably. It was very cute.
Saturday morning we drove to El Cajon. Had pizza for lunch, grandparents drove back home. We went to my parent's church Christmas party, ate food, saw Santa and watched a small performance by the primary kids.
Sunday was church and we watched 17 Miracles that night. Monday morning rolls around and, since it was raining, we went to the air museum at Gillespie Field, I have lived about a mile from that place my whole life and never knew there was a museum there. We found this cute little airplane for Caleb to get in. It had pedals so you could ride it like a bike.

Then we went to Parkway Plaza. I bought two outfits for Brynn and Caleb went on a few rides:

We got Yogurt Mill for lunch and after that I got a stomach virus. I wanted to die! I had that bad for one day, Derrick got it, Brynn got it, my dad got a mild form of it and I heard Andrew got it after we left. It was so awful, even after the stomach sickness was gone, you feel weak and have head aches for another day or two. My mother took care of both children and all the sick people. To my angel mother, thank you!
Wednesday morning the rain was gone and we felt well enough to take Caleb to the park for 2 hours. He loves being outside. Then after lunch we drove back to Huntington Beach, saw some Christmas lights and went out to dinner.
It wasn't the vacation we hoped for but at least I didn't have to take care of my children while I was sick.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Story Time

1.This morning Caleb and I had a cute conversation:
Caleb: Get big, Mommy and Daddy
Me: Yes, one day you are going to get big like Mommy and Daddy
Caleb: Caleb drive car
Me: Yes, when you are big you will drive a car
Caleb points up to our picture of the temple and says: Drive to the temple
Me, while Caleb is making a motion as if he is steering the wheel: Yes, you will be able to drive to the temple and go in when you get bigger.
This was one of the sweetest things I've ever heard him say. I feel good that we have already instilled in him the importance of going to the temple and that he wants to!
2. While at our church Christmas party, Scottie, Caleb's friend from next door, see me and asks, "Where's Caleb?" I point to Caleb and Scottie runs over to where Caleb is. I love that Caleb has a little friend. Too cute!
3. Yesterday Caleb called 911 for the first time. He was playing with an app on my phone and the next thing I know Caleb says, "The phone is making funny noises." I look down to find 911 on the line. They tell me who they are and I tell them we're fine. That was embarrassing. Afterward I explained to Caleb that we don't press the "Emergency Call" button on my phone and we only use it if there is trouble. He asks, "What is trouble?" I told him if mommy or daddy are really hurt, that is trouble. Who knows, maybe he will remember that if something ever does come up.
4. We tell Caleb to not go pee pee in the bath, since he has done that on a number of occasions. One day I told him I was going to take a shower and Caleb says, "Mommy, no pee pee in shower." I told him he was right.
5. Caleb will pick up his play cell phone and say, "Derrick." This is imitating me of course. He will also call out "Danielle" or "Derrick" if he hears one of us say it.
6. Caleb is picking up on a phrase I say all the time to him. "Just a minute." He says it when he wants to procrastinate something.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Craftiness & Happiness

I knew I wanted to make Brynn a Christmas flower headband, so this version of a poinsettia is what I came up with.

Brynn just loves Caleb and he loves to make her happy whether that's feeding her snacks, saying simple things like, "Good morning" or playing with her.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Thanksgiving morning the boys played football with the ward and the girls made the desserts for that night. We all enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving meal together. Despite the fact this was the first Thanksgiving meal Derrick and I ever did ourselves, it turned out perfect!

Caleb loved having people over to play with all the time.

Brynn was initially scared of everyone but by the end she warmed up to them. She is definitely a mommy's girl. Can you see Brynn's top teeth coming in?

We had fun playing games together and introducing Psych to my family.

We went to temple square and saw the breath-taking Christmas lights. No picture could ever do it justice.

And here's just a cute pic and video I took of Brynn on Sunday because she was so cute!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Heber Train

One thing we did this weekend while my family was here was the Heber train. Well, the boys went shooting, the girls and kids went on the Heber train. Santa made an appearance and Caleb was so excited to see him. Santa came on and got off at his own platform. He stood outside the train to wave goodbye to the kids when he left. Caleb sat looking out and him and saying, "Bye, bye Santa." It was very sweet. Oh, and he knew to ask Santa for a present. He asked for a dump truck (which my mom already bought him...so he will get what he wants!)

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Brynn and Another Snowman

Brynn just keeps growing. She is eating solid foods wonderfully, she loves to watch Caleb and she loves to be upside down. That's right, if you ever sit her on your lap and lay her back so far that she is upside down, she doesn't want to come back up, she fights it.

I think Caleb is going to ask for a snowman every time it snows. He has so far. Here is our second snowman, this time built by Derrick:

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Snowman and Little Drummer

We built our first snowman, or maybe I should say penguin because that is what it looks more like.

A few days before the snow stuck, it lightly snowed. Caleb was excited but then a little disappointed when he got outside.

Oh yes, and Brynn has decided to be a drummer.

Ok, so she needs some practice.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Mickey and Minnie Mouse

Boy did Caleb love Halloween. On Halloween day we had Caleb draw on his pumpkin. As I was putting it back out on the porch I told Caleb, "We'll put it here so the kids can see it." When the first trick-or-treaters were walking away Caleb asked me, "Kids see pumpkin?" I told him they did and they loved it. He was so proud of his pumpkin (the only thing I drew on the face was the tongue because Caleb asked me to). Can you see the eyes, nose, mouth and hair?

Derrick took Caleb trick-or-treating. After almost every house Caleb would ask politely, "Go get more candy?" He was so excited and held his bag open and ready the whole time.
Once, Caleb was behind a pack of kids who all got one piece of candy. Then when he got up there the lady told him he was so cute she would give him extra candy and she did.

Caleb showing off his costume:

We also had a church party with soup and trunk-or-treating. Caleb loved that too he mostly played on the grass with some other boys and then I took him around to get candy. He was so sweet. He says both trick-or-treat and thank you afterward.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

This week

Let's start with Brynn:

Caleb loves truck books!

Caleb is not much of an eater. He has a few things he likes, eggs and orange juice are two favorites though.


We went to the local aquarium for the first time. We saw fish, penguins, bugs, snakes and spiders. Caleb liked the fish the best.

Monday, October 17, 2011

6 Month Pictures Are In!

We snuck in a few of Caleb too: