Sunday, November 22, 2015

Forgot to post from October

I noticed these stories were in my drafts. Forgot to post them even though they were from October!
  • Caleb gets a ride to and from school by a friend of ours who works at the school (from our current home the school is about a 25 minute drive, so this is a huge blessing). One day she called me about an hour before school got out and told me she had to go to a doctor's appointment and her mom was picking up her kids and that if I was ok with it, her mom could bring Caleb to us as well. I said yes, called the school and asked them to tell him Caleb to find the kids he rides with in the back of the school and that he was riding home with their grandma. After hanging up I prayed that Caleb wouldn't get nervous and would be able to find those kids without any problem. When I picked Caleb up he told me his teacher told him the new pick up plan and as he was walking out of class one of the kids found him right away. I told him my specific prayer then he was excited to tell me that he had the same prayer. I love seeing his faith strengthened.
  • Derrick took Caleb and Brynn camping on Friday night. Since we've been living in our new apartment, and the kids are sleeping in the same room, they have been keeping each other up. Before the campout Caleb told me, "Talia's going to sleep well tonight. I mean, she's going to sleep really well because we're not going to be there."
  • On Monday for family home evening night we taught the kids about testimonies and we all bore our testimonies, a new thing for the kids. So today in fast and testimony meeting, when the bishopric member turned the time over to the congregation, Brynn stood up in front of me, with tears in her eyes and said, "I'm scared to say my testimony. Sometimes kid's moms go up with them." I told her she could wait until she was older and not as scared to bear her testimony in church. I said that for now she could just tell us her testimony at home. It was so sweet to see that she thought she had to get up and how willing she was to do it even though she was so scared.
  • Later in the meeting a young woman got up to bear her testimony. You could tell it was a heart-felt testimony. Brynn said to me, "She didn't cry, she's really strong. Mommy, when you bear your testimony you cry. You're not very strong." It was an interesting thing for me to think about. I thought about how my tears are part of my teaching method. I feel like when I cry, not only is Heavenly Father confirming to me that what I'm feeling and what I've learned is right, but it helps others feel it too. I'm grateful for my tears and the Holy Ghost that accompanies them. I love feeling the Holy Ghost!