Saturday, January 4, 2014

Ice Skating and Temple

One of our goals for 2013 was to take the kids to the temple grounds 4 times so last Sunday we went. It was cold so we left pretty quickly. The funny thing is that on Christmas eve we had dinner at Scott and Julianne's place then went to temple square to see the lights, so the kids actually went 5 times this year!
Last week on Friday Derrick and I went to the temple and in the parking lot we parked next to this pile of snow. We had never snow plowed up so high so Derrick wanted a pic.
Derrick bought a Groupon for ice skating at the Olympic Oval so on Monday we went! James was with us for the weekend because he had a friend getting married so he came along too. It was so cute to see Brynn in little ice skates. She kept saying, "The ice is slippery." She wanted to stop a lot but by the end she could stay up while holding onto the walker. Caleb did better holding onto someone's hand. We all had fun and the kids say they want to go again.


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