Thursday, January 31, 2013


I started putting Brynn's hair in little pony tails. She gets a kick out of them and whenever she thinks about it she always says the word, "Pony tail." It's pretty cute.
I had to take a picture of Caleb next to our huge piles of snow that has been building up from all the driveway shoveling. It's hard to imagine piles like these ever melting.
Here's a few stories from the past week or so:
  • On Sunday the kids are always crazier than normal. After Brynn's nap the kids were so fussy. At one point I took away a dirty utensil from Caleb and he started crying. After 30 seconds or so he asked, "Why was I crying?" Then again in a more distressed voice, "Why was I crying?" Silly children.
  • Last week we met Derrick for dinner since he was going straight from work to BYU. While there Brynn saw a man and called him Grandpa. It did look a lot like Grandpa, he had the same jacket as grandpa, similar hair, glasses. I told her it wasn't Grandpa but she kept looking at him and calling him Grandpa. Poor girl, I hope she doesn't think Grandpa was ignoring her.
  • Tonight at dinner We had some whole wheat bread Grandma made for us. Brynn loved it and had seconds. Caleb barely touched it. I told Caleb Grandma made the bread. Then I asked him if he liked the bread Grandma made. He looked to the side, and a totally conflicted look came on his face. I think he didn't want to say he didn't like it because he knew the grandma he loves so much made it. It was actually really cute. I was glad he didn't want to hurt her feelings, another good trait of Caleb.
  • At the end of church I was picking up the kids. Brynn first then Caleb. As Caleb was walking out of his class his teacher handed him four Gummi Bears. Brynn saw them and said, "Gummi Bears." Caleb, without even thinking about it, carefully put two right into Brynn's hand. No thought of selfishness at all. I was never that way as a kid. I looked out for number one, still catch myself doing that sometimes. I am so grateful Caleb thinks of others.
  • Directly north of us is an NSA Data Center. Caleb asked what the building was. Derrick explained it's where lots of computers are for storing information. Caleb said, "So when people don't have a computer they go there to get one." We tried to explain that it was just there to hold information, but I think that concept is a little over his head. I love how he always tries to decipher what things mean.

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