Saturday, January 12, 2013

Funny Kids

We were driving in snow and Caleb said, "They put salt and garlic salt on the ground so cars don't slip." Later, I wanted to see if he would say it again and I asked him what they put on the road so cars don't slip. His response, "Salt and pepper." The roads around here need a little seasoning.
Brynn has been in the stage for a while where she pulls out everything from cabinets. This week she was getting into one too much and I gave her a time out with her hands on the wall and we counted to twenty. As soon as it was over she ran back to get into the same cabinet with a big smile on her face. I told her she had to have another time out and she ran straight to the wall, put her hands on it and said, "One, two, three, four, ten!" I don't think I'll use that method of punishment for a while, it's not a punishment at all to her, she loved it!
Last week we went to a volleyball game with Derrick's family. Brynn saw a guy next to us with some popcorn. Her eyes locked on it, then she looked at me and said, "Get it."
Brynn also discovered a stuffed animal she's had since she was born that a girl I taught piano made for Brynn. Brynn has called it a kitty, mouse and a bunny. Once she even said it says "ribbit." Whatever animal she thinks it is, she loves it. She wants to sleep with it and take it with her on our errands.

We are also back to pre-school and music class. The kids love getting out again. Though, this upcoming week I am dreading going anywhere because the highs are supposed to be in the teens. I'm not ready for this cold weather!

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