Friday, January 25, 2013

Shelves and Food Storage

The past two weeks we've been working on our food storage shelves and a light for the food storage room. We have had the shelves up for a few months but we needed to secure them in. That required buying a hammer drill to get through cement. We also put in an extra light which allowed Derrick to learn a little electric work. Let's just say it took a lot of work and a few failures before we had it all done.
 We took all the food off the shelves to do our work. When it was time to put it back Caleb loved helping. I would show him what food to get and where to put it. He would go back and forth and keep working until it was all back on the shelf.
At one point I said to Derrick that we should get a step stool for the room. Caleb heard me and said, "We could use the stool from my bathroom." I told him that was a good idea. He left the basement and a minute later he came back with his stool. He used it while he was putting food back. It was so cute!
We felt really strongly that we should build up our food storage this month. We made multiple trips to stores to get long term and short term food. We had family home evening lessons on food storage. Now when you ask Caleb why we have food storage he will say something like this, "In case the stores don't have food we can go to our basement and get some. Or if we don't have money, we will still have food." He always says both of those reasons. He understands things so well.

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