Saturday, February 2, 2013

The Circus

Lynne and I took the kids to the circus for the first time. Caleb had no idea what a circus was. When we first got there the floor was open and you could ride the ponies, elephants or camels, all for an extra fee of course. So, we skipped it. As we were walking to our seats Caleb starts telling me, "I want to play." He kept getting more and more upset until he was in full out tears. He thought a circus was an interactive place. He had no idea it was a show. He refused to come up to his seat and was just crying at the bottom of the bleachers. A little boy came up to him and gave him a sucker, didn't help. I finally had to pick him up and carry him. When the show started the music was super loud and Caleb held his hands over his ears the whole time. He was upset until the first clown act was on. He thought it was funny and was more relaxed.
At intermission I said to the kids, "Do you want to run up and down the bleachers?" They both looked really excited and said yes. I think that was their favorite part.
For the second act I bought Caleb some popcorn and I think they turned the volume down and the kids really enjoyed it. I was glad it ended well after not being what Caleb was hoping for. The show was a little dull to me but I thought it was cool that the kids got to see tigers, elephants, a camel, zebra, dogs and ponies. And it was really good to just get out of the house during this cold winter.

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