Friday, February 18, 2011

We've Been Sick

A week and a half ago on Tuesday I started to get a sore throat, Wednesday I could hardly talk, Thursday I had a fever, Friday a runny nose started--fever gone but still no voice or energy. Saturday I felt better but still had a runny nose and sore throat. That day Derrick had a fever, cough and chest pains, Sunday Derrick still had a fever and bad chest pains--we went to urgent care to make sure Derrick didn't have pneumonia (he didn't) but we got some codine cough syrup subscribed. Monday and Tuesday Derrick stayed home from work because even though he didn't have a fever, he still felt awful. Wednesday Caleb gets the fever and a runny nose, Thursday the fever is gone by night time but as of right now he still has a Niagra Falls type of runny nose--I wipe, wipe, wipe all day long.
Did I mention for a week Derrick and I have gotten close to no sleep? Last night was the first time in over a week that we all slept through the night...yay! This is a time that makes me dread having a newborn again.
So, our Valentines Day consisted of sickness and a speghetti dinner with garlic bread and salad (which Derrick couldn't even enjoy because with this bug food sounds awful). However, I did get Derrick some nice shirts that he likes:
AND Derrick got me what I asked for which is a pattern I've wanted for almost a year now. I saw it on my favorite sewing blog and have wanted it since. Take a look here at the Schoolhouse Tunic (second topic on this post). So cute right? The pattern though is $15. $15 for a pattern?! My limit is about $7. I finally asked for it and I'm so excited to have it. I'm going make a shirt version of it since you can't really wear dresses while nursing a baby (and I'll make a dress of it in about a year when I can wear them again). I bought the fabric yesterday and can't wait to start on it. Won't this fabric look so cute with a dark brown undershirt? I'm so excited to have a cute new shirt to wear after the baby comes!

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