Monday, February 21, 2011

Serious about Cake

We bought clearance Christmas cake mix and frosting in January and last night Derrick asked if I would make it. After the cake was out of the oven Caleb discovered it cooling on the table and he got very excited for it. When it was time to frost it Caleb climbed up on a chair to watch. First I touched the top of the cake to see if it was cool enough. Caleb imitated me and said, "pat, pat" while he patted the top of the cake seriously.
While I was taking off the frosting lid Caleb grabbed the butter knife I got out to frost the cake and said "cut". Luckily I stopped him just before he actually cut the cake (but he knows we do cut cake). I frosted the cake while Caleb played with the sprinkle packet it came with. Then as I was pouring the sprinkles over the cake Caleb was picking up the sprinkles that fell on the table and carefully placed them on top of the cake. It was adorable.
After that we enjoyed Christmas cake. Derrick took the rest to work with him today because we don't need at 13x9" pan of cake at our house. I'm limited in my exercise with this 33 week pregnant belly so cutting back on sweets is a need-to-do for me.

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