Monday, February 7, 2011

Tie and Nursery

Since we have 1pm church this year we have to put Caleb down for his nap at 11 and wake him just in time to get to church. As I was putting his church shirt on before his nap I told him we were going to church today. He automatically put his hand to his neck and said, "tie, tie." I told him we would put it on after his nap. He kept saying, "tie, tie" until I put him down.
When I woke Caleb up I put him straight in the car and just brought his shoes and tie with me to put on in the car. As I was putting on his shoes he said "tie, tie" and pointed again to his neck. As soon as that tie was on, he didn't say another word about it. How cute that he knows ties go on for church!
Also for a nursery update: Caleb LOVES nursery with a passion. He wants to go to nursery the second we get to church and by the end of sacrament meeting he is begging to go to nursery. We don't even have to walk him in the room, he just runs in and is happy. When we come to pick him up, he runs away from us. It is too funny but we are so glad he loves it.

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