Sunday, February 20, 2011


After seeing this place on a friend's blog, and finding out it was free, I wanted to go. I had Saturday off of work because of President's Day weekend. The only bummer thing was that it had been raining for days. It was only lightly raining Saturday morning so we decided to go anyways. It was really cold but Caleb needed to get out of the house so bad!
We went to Emma Prusch Farm, which is a big open area with a park, picnic tables, a big barn, pens for animals and chickens roaming around. Caleb loved chasing them! It was nice because they never attacked and they would run away from Caleb but they weren't really scared of him so they never went too fast and Caleb could keep up pretty well.

In the barn we saw a sheep, goats and cows.

We were there for a little less than an hour but it was just what we needed after a week of being couped up.

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