Monday, February 28, 2011

Smarter Than I Realize

Thinking about the video I posted yesterday, I tried something today. We always sing Caleb primary songs at night and occasionally at other times. I wondered if he knew the serious songs we sang to him as well as the fun ones. Here's what I did to find out:
Me (singing): Whenever I hear the song of a...
Caleb: bir (bird)
Me: Or look at the blue, blue...
Caleb: sky
Me: Whenever I feel the rain on my...
Caleb: face (while touching his cheeks)
Me: Or the wind as it rushes by. Whenever I touch a velvet...
Caleb: Woes (rose)
Me: Or walk by a lilac
Caleb: Twee (tree)
Me: I'm glad that I live in this beautiful world. Heavenly Father created for...
Caleb: Me
Yes, Caleb knew at least the end of every phrase! I couldn't believe it. These little people really do soak in everything.

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