Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Musically Inclined

Today we got the new Friend magazine in the mail and it has a picture of a snowman on the front. The magazine was sitting on the kitchen table and Caleb climbs on a chair and sees it. First he says "Snowman" then he raises his hands in the air and says, "Tall, tall, tall". I couldn't believe it. Sure, we've sung him "Once There Was a Snowman" before but I couldn't believe that 1. Caleb made the connection and 2. he said the words. He is so smart!
Sticking with the music theme, here's Caleb playing his guitar. He got it as a gift from our neighbor for his first birthday but didn't have interest in it at that age. I pulled it out a few days ago and he has loved it. It is so cute when he sings along with his playing.

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