Monday, April 29, 2013

Gram and Pop Visit!

Gram and Pop drove in on Wednesday and the kids were so happy to see them. Caleb had a count down calendar until they arrived and was so happy the day was finally here.
Thursday we went to the park and then the tulip festival after Brynn's nap. The weather was perfect and the tulips were gorgeous!

At the gardens we saw a snake!
We also bought food to feed the fish:

That night we went to BYU men's volleyball game. They lost the first two and won the final three to come out winners!
On Friday was Jenna's graduation. That night we had pizza for dinner then went up American Fork Canyon and hung out by the stream. Brynn loved throwing rocks in the water:
Saturday we went to the park. Pop helped us fix our sprinklers. After Brynn's nap we went to Provo where we fed the ducks at a pond, went out to dinner at Olive Garden and went to another BYU men's volleyball game. They won it in three and that made them MPSF Champions!
Here's a pic from the duck pond:
Gram, Pop and Jenna went home right after the volleyball game. We can't wait until they come again. And thanks Gram for taking all the pictures!

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