Saturday, April 13, 2013

More Birthday Stuff

Both kids had doctors appointments this week. Brynn was on Monday. I threw away her papers before I wrote down her numbers but for height she was in about the 17th percentile. I do remember he weight was 24 pounds and she was in the 70's for percentile. She doesn't look that short and chubby to me. She is perfect!
Caleb had his appointment on Thursday. He was 38 pounds (68%) and 41.5 inches (77%). The day before his birthday he got a birthday hat and a little toy snake. He came home very happy that day.
 On his birthday we gave him a bike. Last week he saw a bike at Walmart with a pouch on the front and told us his bike had to have a pouch. We had already picked out a bike for Caleb and it didn't have a pouch so we ordered one online and put it on the bike. It was a good thing we did that too because that was one of the first things he pointed out. He told me, "It has a pouch and I wanted one!" It was kind of a bummer because it rained all morning and he couldn't take it outside but the early afternoon cleared up and he got to ride it. On Friday we took him to the park and started teaching him without the training wheels. He gets nervous but we can tell he is getting the hang of it.

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