Sunday, April 28, 2013

Derrick's the Man

This is a blurb that was sent out in Derrick's weekly company update. I loved how they appreciate Derrick and all his hard work because he really does so much! I definitely want to remember this:

As many of you know, Derrick joined us from Domo in mid-December.  He immediately took over and has been running our engineering recruiting efforts, and has done a truly fantastic job of taking this ball and running with it -- in particular deepening and broadening our recruiting efforts at BYU, leading our effort to build recruiting relationships at the U, and also just keeping our other recruiting channels well organized and running efficiently (i.e. promptly reviewing candidates and getting back to them quickly).  Though this job is largely unseen, it is safe to say that our recruiting efforts are far more organized and better run than they have ever been previously.  In addition, Derrick quickly took over a new team in Jan/Feb when we made the decision to split into three scrum teams, and has been doing a great job there.  And finally I think you will all agree that no one has worked harder or taken ownership more than Derrick to ensure that we are making progress and staying on schedule in our product and engineering efforts -- from researching different ideas for quarterly planning, to business development ideas, to the long hours and weekends spent recently on the user service.
So I'm really happy to announce today that Derrick has been promoted to Director of Engineering.  Derrick will continue to lead one team in our new eng structure (more below).  A big thanks again to Derrick for all his hard work and this well deserved promotion!

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