Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Sewing and Baby Update

Here are 2 little girl dresses I made. The one on the left is a pattern from the late seventies/early eighties, so I hope when I put it on her it won't look funky. I love the classic black with white polka dots though.
The one on the right is from a pattern I had but I totally did my own thing with it. I changed it from a full button up the front of the dress, to only the top half being buttoned up. I added elastic in the back waist to compensate for getting rid of the open up front. I also made my own sleeve pattern because I didn't like the way the sleeves looked with this style. This is my favorite dress thus far because one, it is stylish and two, I used black thread with red fabric (first time I've ever used contrasting thread).

Here are the 2 school house tunics I made, shirt versions. The first one I made is on the left and it is a little too big for me (which I am so bummed about because it turned out so cute!) so I'm hoping it fits my mom. We'll see when she comes out for the baby blessing in May.
The second one I made is on the right. I can't wait to try it on without my big belly! I also can't wait to make a dress version of this in a year when I am done nursing and can wear dresses again. Such a cute pattern!
Baby Update
I went to the doctor today. I'm almost 3cm dilated. Derrick really wants me to have this baby soon because he is looking forward to paternity leave. I'm indifferent to when she comes and am fine if it is early so I okayed the doctor to do a "membrane rub." I guess it's supposed to possibly jump start labor within 24 hours. I've been feeling cramping since the appointment but no contractions yet. We also went on about a 2 mile walk last night. We'll see what happens.

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Kimberlee said...

the baby dresses are so cute! you're going to have one stylish little girl! Good luck with the delivery...we'll be thinking of you and hope all goes well. Can't wait to see you guys and the new little one in a few weeks. YAY!!