Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Our Easter

On Saturday we went to a church Easter egg hunt and Caleb picked up very quickly how to hunt for Easter eggs. Derrick took Caleb around and Derrick said Caleb would find eggs he didn't even see. So on Sunday morning when I did a little egg hunt for Caleb he knew exactly what was going on and what would be in the eggs.

In the mid morning Caleb was jumping on our bed. He likes to jump forward and land on his tummy. Well, when he lunged forward he went too far and hit the window sill at the top of our bed and got this scratch:

He cried while it pussed and became a scab. Yesterday he noticed it in the mirror for the first time and said, "nose, nose" while touching it. He knew it was not normally on his face.
We went to church then headed right to Mark and Mary's house for Easter dinner. It was a good day.
Here's a video of Brynn:

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