Monday, April 11, 2011

Caleb and Brynn

Caleb loves Brynn! He wishes she were awake more often. Here's a few stories of things that have happened:
1. I was sitting on the couch holding Brynn and Caleb walks up to me with arms wide open saying, "hold." We have never asked him if he wanted to hold her before, this was all his idea. We sit him on the couch and he practically grabs her from me as I am handing her over. He was done after literally 2 seconds but it was still cute.
2. Brynn was asleep in her car seat and Caleb walks up to her saying, "Hi Brynn. Baby. Rock." He starts rocking her in the car seat. Then he gently points to her face features saying them, "eyes, nose, tongue." I show Caleb her hands and say can you give her five. He gives her a five to one hand then the other.
3. Caleb knows what her feeding time is now. When I sit down in the rocking chair to feed her he likes to get the boppy pillow for me. He will then say, "Milk. Hungry." We tell him yes, the baby is hungry and is going to drink milk.
4. Caleb was getting out of the bath and asked to see Brynn. He brought two of his bath toys to show her and placed them on her and then said, "Up." He wanted her to wake up so she could look at them. He proceeded to show her one more toy.
Here's a video from yesterday. The only thing she wants to do when she's awake is eat and you will see that at the end of the video. She was checked at the doctor's office today and is already back to her birth weight. I have a feeling she will be a chubby baby.

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