Saturday, April 16, 2011


This is my angel baby:

She sleeps in 5-7 hour night! She is so much easier to take care of than Caleb was. She sleeps more, eats easily and has less diapers that leak. The hardships I have with this baby are on my own body. I had a fever one day this week, we think from a small infection on my nipple. But I'm healing. It's slow and painful when nursing on that side but it should all be over soon.
Unfortunately, Caleb is starting to get a little jealous of her. Sometimes, if Brynn cries, he will try to cry louder. He also wants to get into our laps if we are holding her. But I don't think he hates her or wants to hurt her, he just wants our attention. He did hold her the other day and it was so cute:

A Caleb quirk: He doesn't like his hands to be dirty. If his hands are dirty from eating, he will pick up his sippy cup with his wrists. Even more so with the wrists than we show in this picture. For the first time this week he asked us to "keen" (clean) his hands in the middle of a meal. Funny boy.

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