Saturday, September 27, 2014


Caleb told me to come to him. I came over and he said, "Look I spelled elementary school." I took the picture then he looked at it and replaced the "T" with a "CH". I told him he did a good job. He still thinks he spelled it right, and I'll just let him keep thinking that.
Our community was replacing some grass and they dug up the old dirt first leaving big mounds of dirt. Every kid in the neighborhood played there at one time or another. Everyone was commenting they should just keep the dirt, forget the grass :)
First time Talia was on a swing...yeah, she loved it.

  • Caleb told us a dream he had. He said him and Boden climbed a tree. At the top there were popsicles.Some of the popsicles had bugs on them but they found ones without bugs to eat. I thought that was such an adorable dream.
  • Brynn got hurt on her finger. I kissed her finger and she said, "No. On the elbow." Apparently the joint on your finger is the elbow of your finger :)
  • On Labor Day we went to Paul and Lynne's house for a BBQ dinner. We were sitting outside on the grass. At one point Caleb asked if a cup of water was Brynn's. I told him yes and that I thought she was done so he could have it. From here it happened fast and I didn't catch it all: He walked over near Kent. Grandma gave him a look. Caleb dumped the water on the grass. Next thing I heard Grandma was asking Caleb if he was going to dump that on Kent. When I heard him say yes I asked him why he was planning on doing that. His response, "For the ice bucket challenge." Oh man, I laughed out loud, yes, LOL. For future generations, here's a wiki page on what the ice bucket challenge is. It's a little ironic that the first time he saw someone do the ice bucket challenge he said, "I would never do that."
  • Caleb saw me cutting with scissors and told me, "You're really good at cutting."

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