Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Around Here

Here's Talia eating solids for the first time. She loves it!
Derrick's family has this thing where they try to keep one eye closed, one eye open. When I looked at a picture I took of Talia, it was so funny to me that she had that face.
 And, the normal picture:
 We took a new picture of Caleb shooting with his bow because he was Star of the Week in his kindergarten class and they had to bring in a few pictures. The last one we took he looked so little. It's amazing how good he's gotten at aiming.
Talia and Daddy:
The kids came running in the house telling me to come look. We saw a full, vivid rainbow. The picture doesn't do it justice.

  • Brynn came up to me and asked me to take out her pony tail. I said, "Sure, why?" She said, "Because I want to sing Let It Go." In case you don't know, Elsa takes out her hair in that song.
  • I made Brynn a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch, she took one bite then said, "You're an excellent cook Mom." She also told me at dinner that I made her excellent rice with butter and salt. Why thank you, maybe I'll start a restaurant.
  • Brynn is always having her Cinderella, Belle and Rapunzel dolls fight for her Flynn Ryder. Today she took her Belle and told the Cinderella I was playing with, "I'm mad that you married Flynn Rider." I told 'Belle', "You should marry Christoph, he's a nice guy." Brynn says, "No! He's not handsome." For the first time today I tried to explain that we don't just like people for what they look like but also how they act. I said that Christoph was funny and kind. Brynn was nodding her head like she understood. So when I mentioned again about Christoph, she gave me the same "not handsome" response.

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