Monday, September 1, 2014

Park City

We had a family reunion at a house in Park City. It had a pool and hot tub, which both were our favorite activities. Caleb grew leaps and bounds when it came to swimming. He was making up all kinds of tricks and fun things to do in the water. I think having goggles helped a ton.

Talia was adorable in her swim suit:
We had some fun with our waterproof camera
 Brynn did great with floaties

We used our panoramic setting to make this cool pic:
Lynne, Paul, Lisa and Kent were so nice to help the rest of us with our kids.
We also went to the Olympic Park. The kids went on the alpine slide and Derrick and I went on the zip line.
 We went on a few walks. On one of them we saw this so we took a picture of the boy cousins:
And what would be a family reunion without some family pictures. Lynne made the shirts with order we came into the Isaacson family.
  • We were explaining to Caleb that he was Kent's nephew. He asked, "What's an ephew?" Say it out loud if you don't get it :)
  • On Sunday we told Caleb we couldn't swim in the pool to keep the Sabbath day holy. He told Grandpa, "It's going to be really hard to not swim on Sunday because swimming is really fun."
  • Caleb wanted to sleep in the room with Grandma, Grandpa, Kent and Lisa. He didn't sleep well that night. The next day he wanted to sleep in the room with Brynn again. I asked if he was glad to be back in his little bed. He said, "Yeah, I did not sleep at all last night because they were snoring." (Funny side note is that Jenna stayed with us for a 2 nights and slept in the room with Caleb. He asked her if she snored. I guess he never wants to have a night like that again).

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