Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Talia Joan Isaacson

Born March 12, 2014
6 lbs 13 oz
19.5 inches
We picked the name Talia only a few weeks before she was born. I searched the Social Security website and found that one. We knew a Talia in college, in fact she was my roommate for a summer, but that didn't deter us. Before 'Talia' was on our radar we were talking about names one night. When I mentioned one I liked Derrick responded, "It's an ok name, I just don't think it's a pretty name. I want her to have a pretty name." I really liked that Derrick said that. I thought it was cute that he wanted his little girl to have a pretty name. We both agreed Talia was a pretty name and stuck with it. Joan, we picked after my Mom's Mom, AND my Mom, because it is her middle name too.
When I was being stitched up Derrick went over to take pictures and came back to show them to me. I was crying because of the shock of everything and when I saw these on the camera it helped me to feel a little better, while making me cry harder...crazy girl emotions. These are the pictures he showed me. I remember saying, "She's perfect," through my tears.
Here you can see the IV in her right hand here from the fluids they had to pump into her right after birth. After talking to people and hearing about their stories of their baby's cord being wrapped around the neck, I hear that all of their babies come out blue. I think because Talia came out ghost white, it got such a big reaction from the medical staff. Not something they were used to seeing.
 Her first bath:

Jenna came the first night to visit. I'm sure she was freaked out by my tired and blotchy eyes and mind. We were happy to have family close by this time to visit us.

The kids came for a few minutes the morning she was born but I was so out of it that it was only for a few minutes. The next morning Lynne brought them again and we got to have more time with them. It was so adorable.

Literally seconds after I took this video Brynn said the funniest thing. Brynn always holds her blankie and sucks her thumb. Notice in the video she just gave Talia a blankie. After I stopped recording and Talia wasn't taking to the blankie, Brynn said, "Suck it. Suck it!"

A nurse assistant made this cute name sign:

Lisa also came to visit. We are so glad our family all loves her so much!
And, this was from our last night in the hospital. My favorite time is when a newborn's eyes are open and they are happy. This was just adorable I'm so glad I grabbed the camera:

We have been home a week now and couldn't be happier to have her in our home. The kids always want to look at her. They take turns holding her. They are fascinated by the fact that Mommy's body makes milk. I love the fact that she can sleep in long stretches. I wake her up and 9pm and keep her up until midnight. For two nights in a row now she's slept for 5 hours! Crossing my fingers she keeps up her awesome sleeping!
Oh how we love this little angel, or our "dew from heaven" as her name means:

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