Wednesday, March 5, 2014


The weather was great last week so we played outside a bit. We played with chalk. Caleb has been working with me on math and he is getting so good at writing his numbers. I had to take a pictures of this because he wrote all these number completely on his own. He's an impressive little guy.

With the nice weather we also went to the farm and got ice cream afterward.

I was really glad Derrick took this picture on Sunday. Here's Julianne and I right before we both pop. Next time we're together we'll have to get a picture of these two cousins together!
Caleb had his first dentist appointment on Monday. He had a gag reflex while taking the x-rays but did great beside that.

  • Brynn says, "My lips are chopped," and, "I need chop stick." We've tried correcting her but she never remembers.
  • When Brynn would see Derrick and I kissing she would say, "Stop kissing." Now she will tell us to kiss just so she can tell us to stop kissing.
  • Brynn is always asking her single aunts and uncles about who their boyfriends and girlfriends are. Brynn thinks every adult should live in a house, married to someone. That's what she sees, so that's what she thinks happens with everyone. During Sunday dinner, with everyone here she was asking Jenna about her girlfriends (being a little confused between the boy girl thing) and Jenna answered with the names of her roommates. I told Brynn that was similar to her friends and I named the kids in Caleb's play group, "Like Boden and Blake." Brynn then said, "When is Blake going to kiss me?" Oh dear! Hopefully she thinks this is just a normal part of life and not a boy infatuation already :)
  • This one's about Derrick. As we were trying to come up with baby names Derrick would often say a name he liked and it would be one of our cousin's names. The funny thing is he often didn't even know he had a cousin with that name. The conversation went like this every time: Derrick, "How about Sarah?" Me, "You have a cousin named Sarah." Derrick, "Which one?" Me, "Warren and Amy's daughter." Men are funny like that.

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