Sunday, March 23, 2014

Talia and sweet kids

I took this video when Talia was awake one afternoon. I love seeing newborn eyes open!

Here's another pic from the hospital I found:

One day when I went to the bathroom I asked Caleb to hold Talia. She was a little fussy when I gave her to him and she was calm when I got back. Caleb told me he talked to her to calm her down. I've listened a little to him when he talks to her. He usually tells her about how little her features are. Once I heard him tell her, "One day you will be a mommy and I will be a daddy."

Aunt Julie wanted a picture of her new niece. I took a few. Caleb looked through them with me to help me find the best one. When he saw this one he said, "It looks like she's saying 'I love you.'" He means with her hand. He was so right.
 One more pic:
  • Brynn saw some of those black strawberry fuzzies on a paper towel. She asked what they were. I told her. She said, "Did I have fuzzies when I was a strawberry?" What? Crazy girl.
  • I was helping Brynn in the bathroom. She flushed the toliet, then immediately tried to flush it again. I had told her multiple times to only flush once. So I was stern when I told her to not do that. She came up to me (crouched on the floor), grabbed my face and sang, "No one likes a frowny face change it for a smile..." I started laughing and told her that she was right, I should be happier.
  • Caleb and Brynn were playing outside. They saw a dead worm. Brynn asked Caleb, "When will it come alive again?" Caleb responded, "On resurrection day." It's the answer we always tell them when we talk about people dying. So sweet!
Here are some stories I wrote before Talia was born but hadn't published:
  • Brynn and I were playing with her dolls. I was Flynn and she was Belle (this is Brynn's favorite couple right now). At one point Brynn started moving Belle away from Flynn and said, "I don't have time to kiss you now."
  • If Derrick and I are both home and we need to get Brynn's shoes on, she tells us, "You each do one." She'll insist we each do a sock and shoe. Funny girl.
  • Caleb asks questions a lot about what things are and he is old enough that you have to answer him with more detail than a smaller child. We went to Cabella's last night and I told Derrick how the cashier had a hick accent. Caleb asked what that was and I don't think I ever answered because I had no idea what to say. It can be exhausting at times trying to think of how to explain things to him.
  • Caleb has done this twice now: He'll ask if I can play something with him and I'll give him an excuse why I can't at the moment. He comes back a minute later and tells me he prayed I would play the game with him. How could I not do it then?

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