Saturday, June 29, 2013

River Trip

Derrick was out with the scouts all week long on a river rafting trip down the Green River. It was hot but a good experience. Because it was a river rafting trip they had to get dropped off at the beginning and picked up at the end. I helped drive there and Paul helped drive back. Paul actually took Caleb with him because the drivers for coming home spent the night and we thought Caleb would enjoy camping. When Caleb saw Derrick for the first time with facial hair and sunglasses on he asked, "Are you my daddy?"
Brynn and I had fun running errands together for a girls night out. We returned a library book, went to the bank, filled the car with gas and shopped at Sam's Club, which ended with a four berry ice cream.
Brynn was so happy that night. At Sam's Club she pointed at a lady's dress and said, "I like it." I asked if she meant the dress and she said yes. I told the lady what Brynn said and I could tell it made the lady happy. She told Brynn she liked her shirt which made Brynn smile and grab her shirt. It was adorable!
We came home and Brynn drew with chalk. As I put her to bed I told her how much I loved spending time with her and that I thought she was a fun girl.

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