Saturday, July 13, 2013

Catch Up

Since I didn't blog last week, I should review. First off, I finished this dress for Brynn. I love it! It is a 3T and she is barely over 2 so it is a little big. She looks adorable!
4th of July we went to Cowabunga Bay and Derrick came with us for the first time. We couldn't believe it but it was actually less crowded than normal. We worked in the afternoon, then at night we went to Derrick's aunt and uncle's house in Orem. Where we talked with family, ate food and launched fireworks. The kids loved it!
On Friday we tried to go camping with Paul, Scott, Julianne, Lisa and Jenna but we heard about heavy rain that night. We still got the campsite in hopes things would look up. The kids, Jenna and I had a good afternoon walking a trail and playing by the water. We started some coals going for dinner just as Derrick got there. One minute later it started raining. Derrick brought a tarp and we tied it over our picnic table and sitting area. We were able to enjoy the hot dogs and smores. Brynn, Jenna and I left around 8:30. When the rain got harder everyone else left. Derrick and Caleb went to Paul and Lynne's house so they could still enjoy being somewhere different and eat breakfast together.

We are just enjoying the summer time. Caleb loves to ride his bike. Did I ever mention he can now ride a two wheeler without training wheels but he gets nervous and only does it when Derrick rides around with him. So, he sticks to his big wheel most of the time:
Brynn loves being outside too!

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