Sunday, June 9, 2013

Birthday, Swimming Lessons and More!

On Monday Caleb started swimming lessons. I found out that day they have a mommy and me class at the exact same time. After Brynn asking me that morning where her swim suit was while Caleb was getting his on I knew I had to sign her up too. They both love the classes. Brynn is the most compliant kid in the class. She does everything that is asked of her. She did not like putting her whole head in the water and almost cried the first time I put her under. Then later on in that class the teacher threw some rings. When Brynn walked over to get one she bent down to grab it not realizing she would be plunging her head into the water. She came up and started crying her eyes out. We tried to be happy and tell her she did a good job but she kept being timid that day. The next day she was fine and did everything again.
My birthday was on Wednesday. On Tuesday night Derrick and I went out to Tucanos, my first time there, and it was delicious! We love having Jenna here for the summer and being able to babysit! On Wednesday Derrick sent me flowers in the middle of the day and that night we had a BBQ at Utah Lake. Derrick had a Young Men activity that night at the lake so we all showed up a little early to eat. The kids loved playing by the water and walking on the dock. Brynn got attached to Jenna and wouldn't go with anyone but her on the docks.
Friday we went to a water park that we got a season pass to. The kids loved it. Caleb had his first getting lost experience. He wandered away while I was helping Brynn down a little slide. He walked away from the kid area and after searching for a while and realizing he wasn't there I started to look in a different place and saw a man holding a crying Caleb's hand. Caleb now knows he doesn't like to get lost.
Saturday we went to a Family Fun Day activity in Paul and Lynne's stake. Brynn enjoyed the kiddie pool filled with plastic fish where she caught a few. She also liked a kiddie pool filled with sand where they hunted for plastic bugs. She just sat there in the sand for a while just playing. The rest of the stuff was a little big for her. Caleb had fun on the bouncy houses and slides, a slip and slide and a rocket launcher. And of course, they both enjoyed seeing their grandparents and eating ice cream!
The kids love playing in the back yard. When it gets hot they love to go in the shade of our new little play slide and platform. This week Caleb even brought out snacks for him and Brynn to eat.

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