Tuesday, March 19, 2013


I realized I never put this picture on here. This was from about a month ago but we got to meet Annette, Jared and Ellie for dinner. That was the first time I saw Elllie! She was cute and we all had fun together!
 Two Saturdays ago two of Derrick's college roommates came over. We had dinner and they gamed. It was fun to have them over. Sorry the picture is soooooo blurry!
The kids were flying airplanes around together, it was pretty cute:

  • Caleb and Brynn had to come with me to choir practice after church for a few minutes while Derrick did a temple recommend interview. I grabbed a hymn book from under the chair, Caleb saw me, looked interested that there were hymn books under the seats and asked if he could get one. I told him yes and he grabbed the one under his chair. Derrick said when he came and got the kids Caleb told him he wanted a book holder under his seat in the truck.
  • This morning I was snuggling with the kids in Caleb's bed. I told them both that I loved them. About a minute later Brynn patted Caleb and said, "I love Caleb." She patted me and said, "I love Mommy." She patted herself and said, "I love me." It was so cute!
  • Yesterday I asked Brynn what she wanted for dinner. Her response, "Milk." She would live off of milk if I let her.

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