Monday, December 31, 2012


I have plenty of Christmas videos and pictures to post but for now I just want to write down a few stories before I forget them.
We have been looking at F150s. We are thinking it might be our next car. We have taken test drives, and looked up a lot of info on them. Caleb loves trucks and the fact that we have been looking at them makes him super excited. Once when we were leaving a dealership he said, "Let's come back tomorrow and get it." Derrick explained that we still have to save up a little more money before we can get it.
While in San Diego, Caleb was in the car with my parents. They drove by Christmas display of Santa driving a tow truck with his sleigh in the back. Caleb said something to the effect of, "Santa is driving a truck. Daddy is saving his money so he can buy a truck. Maybe Santa lost his reindeer. Maybe he is using his delivery truck to find the reindeer." Later they saw some reindeer and Caleb said, "There's his reindeer."
Last night we had dinner with Derrick's family. We told them the above story. Julie asked Caleb, "Are you going to get a truck." Caleb said, "Yes. I've never had a truck before." Julie said, "Neither have I." Caleb said with a confused look on his face, "You haven't?" His face relaxed and he continued, "You should get one."
Here's a funny Brynn story: My mom had some trail mix in her hands, Brynn was eating out of it. She ate the M&Ms first, then yogurt raisins, then pretzels. She put a sesame seed stick in her mouth and spit it out. Someone told her to go put it in the trash and she did. She looked at the 4 raisins left in my mom's hand and my mom asked her if she liked raisins as Brynn grabbed them all out of my mom's hand. Brynn answered her by turning around and walking away saying, "Trash."

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