Thursday, December 6, 2012

Kids and New Job!

 Brynn is just as sweet as that picture looks! Sorry, it's been over a week since I've blogged. I've been working on a quiet book for sacrament meeting for Caleb and that has consumed a lot of my time but I know it will be worth it. I brought a few almost finished pages to church on Sunday and Caleb was so focused on it. I'm trying to make it high quality so it will last through all of our kids!
This past week Caleb was sick on Monday and a little on Tuesday with a fever and a little throwing up right after meals. He seems all better now though.
In that past week we have driven around to look at Christmas lights 5 nights. The kids love it and how can you say no to such a simple request? Brynn is obsessed with Santa. Whenever she sees one she points it out immediately. We have also been practicing the song "Santa Clause is Coming to Town" because it is one of the songs in Caleb's pre-school Christmas performance this month. Brynn is even learning it. She sings, "Santa, coming, town." I tried to video it here but she was a little silly and wouldn't say the word "town."
On Saturday night we had gyoza (pot stickers) for dinner and Caleb loved them! The next morning he was jabbing about how he wanted them for breakfast. I told him we were having waffles but he could have them for lunch, which he was totally fine with. He started talking about how we have waffles and pancakes and cereal for breakfast and gyoza for lunch. I tried to get him to keep talking but I asked poor questions for that so this video is mostly him saying "yes" but it's all I took of Caleb so here it is:
And other big news is that Derrick handed in his 2 week notice on Monday. He will be starting a new job at a profitable start up called Lucid Chart. He is going to be paid a little less but he will get to do what he has always wanted to with his skills. He will get to be a manager where he will help junior engineers and he is even heading up the recruiting committee. If, within the year, he does well in his position he will be the director of engineering! We are so excited for Derrick to have better opportunities.

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