Monday, June 4, 2012

St. George Trip

We did a Paul and Lynne Isaacson family reunion last week--everyone made it! We rented a house in St. George. The house included a heated pool, hot tub, 73" tv, ping pong table, a kitchen, family room upstairs and down, and 5 bedrooms.Here's the video I posted on YouTube for the family:

Here are a few pictures and videos I didn't include:

We also enjoyed playing games, walking on main street (which included a toy store that both kids loved and an antique store where Derrick bought a 1926 abridged version of Ivanhoe), Zion's National Park, eating out and hanging out.
At Zions, we got there after 6pm, hopped on the bus and did one 50 yard hike and went back. I definitely want to go back again, I had never been there before and had no idea it was so beautiful. Kind of reminded me of the grandure of Yosemite. Caleb's favorite part was the bus and he would say hi to everyone as he got on.
Brynn's new word is "ashes" (from Ring Around the Rosies) and she said that all week long.
Lynne and I went to the temple while Paul took Caleb to a place with man-made waterfalls and a few inch deep river for kids to wade in, a carousel ride and McDonalds for ice cream.
Caleb learned two funny phrases. 1. Caleb asked Scott which shoes were his. Scott pointed out, "those bad boys," Caleb repeated the phrase. 2. The family calls Kent fatty. Caleb picked up saying, "Go fatty, go" only to Kent when he was jumping off the diving board.
Caleb would also say, "On your mark, get set, go" before anyone jumped off the diving board.
Caleb really enjoyed himself, he was sad to leave and is asking to go back.

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